Tarotcast for week of January 29, 2017

Some of my favorite ocean creatures are the nudibranchs. Nudibranchs are a group of soft bodied, marine, gastropod mollusks. The word “nudibranch” means “naked gills.” Those are the little appendages you see on their backs. The nudibranch is about 2-3 inches long snail like creature. Because they shed their shell during their larval stage, these animals have developed toxins to make themselves unpalatable to predators.

This is why they can be so colorful. You would think they were colorful to attract a mate, but their simple eyes can only see light and dark.  Scientist have found that at least two species make a noise that is audible to the human ear. Scientist believe this is a way that these hermaphroditic creatures can attract mates.  We have currently discovered over 2,300 species of these colorful creatures in all parts of the oceans.

Some of my favorite ocean photography is done by David Doubilet.   I first noticed his work when I saw a series of photographs he did for National Geographic about nudibranchs. He designed an underwater white light box so they could be photographed in their element and created some of the amazing photographs below.

P.S.  Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Page of Wands – “Oh Passion, wherefore art thou?” This week you need to find ways to reignite your passion. I mean come on, Mars is in Aries, your planet is in your own house until March 4th. The universe has given you the whole month of February with no obstacles, so make no excuses – get out there. Like Auntie Mama says: “Live, that’s the message.”

*Taurus – The Star – The Star means healing and enlightenment. It is also Aquarius’s card, so it is a great way to start off the month of February. The challenge for Taurinians with both this card and with Aquarius sign is to learn how to step back and enjoy. You feel guilty/angry/depressed if you aren’t “doing something.” This week work on being passively (definition- in an accepting manner, without active response or resistance) active (definition – engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits). A great metaphorical exercise is to sit in a train station/bus stop/airport/mall/street corner, any really busy place and just watch for 20 minutes. You will start to see and feel the rhythm then you can dance rather than rush back into life.
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Tarotcast for week of January 22, 2017

Every day, Art breaks the barrier of a human life span. Artists like Frida Khalo or Diane Arbus continue to speak and influence through their artwork. The Venus of Berekhat Ram, pictured above, is the second prehistoric sculpture discovered. It with the Venus of Tan Tan are the “first” sculptural art works dating between 230,000 to 700,000 years ago. Both were likely made by our ancestral cousins Homo erectus and both are of the female form.

Art is defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” These archeological findings let us view art done by species of hominids that no longer exist. They are communicating what they saw as beauty and conveying emotion through time and this blows my mind.

Why did they do art? This ancestral artist was it male or female? Does that make a difference to what they were trying to convey? These are important questions because I bet the majority of you thought “male artist.” I know I did, but why? This is a different species. We can only guess but we will never really know. These assumption should be carefully looked at for bias and if they are holding us back today. Seven hundred thousand years from now, what will our art say to the next species that roams this Earth, and will they ask the same questions?

Below in honor of women, I have attached some female contemporary artists that may or may not align with your tarotcast.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

Louisa Gagliardi

Aries – Five of Pentacles – Last week The Hierophant suggested that your resolutions be around things that add structure to your life and belief systems. This week the Five of Pentacles – frustration and a sense of loss- is here to help you define where you need this structure or the broken parts of your belief system. Your environment is setting up obstacles this week to focus you on your true wants and needs, so they can be fixed. But, be careful with this card, don’t make little obstacles or losses bigger than what they are.


Hayv Kahraman

Taurus – Three of Cups – The Fool’s motto mindfulness with humor continues this week with the Three of Cups- friendship. The Three of Cups suggest that you grab a glass of wine, beer or tea and spend some time hanging with your best friends. Your soul is needing the camaraderie and joy that only friendship can bring.
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Tarotcast for week of January 15, 2017

The New Year’s calendar is a bit of a family tradition in our house. Each December my Mom gets a bunch of calendars for free, usually from places that she has donated to or advertisements from companies that want her business. By Christmas she has a pile of them that that we can pick from. I usually pick out a scenic calendar, because I put crazy stickers on the pictures to create weird scenes. (Like the one above, a trail of ant stickers on rock formation in honor of the movie Them.)

The first calendar to feature an image with an advertisement was in the late 1880s. It had an  image of George Washington, but wall calendars didn’t really kick off until the early 1900s with the popularity of the calendar girl. The world of wall calendars has now expanded WAY beyond Presidents or the Pin up girls of the past. Interestingly, while researching this, I found more 2017 calendars with dudes then with the ladies.

P.S. I have added some calendars that loosely fit your tarotcast. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

*Aries – Hierophant – Your first big card for 2017. If you all haven’t made resolutions to better your life, this is the week to do it. The Hierophant suggests that your resolutions be around your things that add structure to your life and belief systems. An everyday approach looks like (lol) getting a calendar and using it. Or in a bigger esoteric way, if you aren’t believing in yourself or a project, this is a week to look at why and start implement strategies that will fix it. Otherwise, you’ll have to throw it out and start anew.

*Taurus – The Fool – Welcome to your first big card for the year – The Fool – mindfulness with humor. This week gets this calendar’s message and find play in your spirit. Take advantage of working outside of the box this week. You and your work will benefit way more playing on the grass then staying on the well trodden path.
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Tarotcast for week of January 8, 2017

Above is a cool video art piece called order-from-chaos by Maxime Causeret. He combines art and science in a very beautiful way. The theme of art and science have always been dance partners in my life. My theory about these two disciplines is they have the same goal in mind. They both try to explain their environment. So even though they start out at other sides of the spectrum, they end up in the same place. And when the two come together you get things like this piece, fractals and quantum theory.

Aries – Four of Wands – You are on to the next card in the suit of Wands – the Four – happy home. The Universe is giving you the okay to spend time at home. This is a great week to put away your Christmas decorations if they are still out, clean house, and add some fresh flowers to your dining room. This exercise is a reminder that the days are getting longer, so bring a touch of spring into your home.

Taurus – Knight of Swords – Okay, after last week’s basking in the “yummy,” you are now feeling 2017’s responsibilities piling up. The Knight of Swords reminds you that decisions made in haste come back to bite you in the kester. The lesson learned from this Knight is don’t let the world’s fast pace become your own. Slow it down.

Gemini – Queen of Wands – Last week, the Strength card suggested that you take a deep breath and ground yourself. The Queen of Wands has invited herself into your life. This week she has you continue your exercises in keeping your feet on the ground, but she is wanting your head back in philosophical land. She is suggesting you spend some time being creative to get there.

Cancer – King of Swords and Ace of Pentacles – The King of Swords has teamed up with the Ace of Pentacles to get the wheels turning for the New Year. This week your mind is your weapon to start working on that new project you have been contemplating. Use that amazing mind of yours to get that venture off the ground.

*Leo – The Chariot – Another big card for you this week. Last week, The Fool had you take your imagination on a walk to explore the big questions. With some of those answers in hand, The Chariot adds a sense of determination and self discipline to continue on your path. It is time to grab the reins and yell “Giddy-up” or just roll down your car window and scream “Yes!”

Virgo – Six of Wands – The Universe’s next word for you is self-confidence. The Universe will give you a lot of messages around this issue this week. The difficult thing will be to notice them. They will come in the form you might consider as subtle therefore inconsequential. They will look like a smile from the girl at the grocery, a friend saying thank you for listening, or someone holding the door open for you. The point being these “subtle” nods are really the beautiful way that friends and strangers acknowledge your “subtle” greatness.

Libra – Three of Wands – The Three of Wands is the card of planning and patience. The goal this week is to plan, procure resources, and patiently wait for the world to catch up. The Three of Wands reminds you that you cannot control every aspect of life. You can only plan for the future the best you can with the resources at hand.

Scorpio – Page of Swords – Now that your imagination has been lit up, the Page of Swords is wanting you to do some investigation. This week is all about gathering information. It is not a week of doing. Take time to find out all you need to know before going ahead on any project.

*Sagittarius – The Fool – Last week Judgment asked you to be honest with yourself and your resolutions would be more solidly based. Now, with those more obtainable and candid resolutions in hand, The Fool cleans your slate and starts moving you into the new year. The only thing The Fool asks you to bring is your sense of humor. “Easy peasey lemon squeezey” because, as a Sagittarius, you love a good joke even if you directed it at yourself.

Capricorn – Five of Cups – You are moving on to the next number in the suit of cups. In your pondering last week, you have come to realize that it can be pretty easy walking away from the things that don’t work, but you are finding that it is still hard to figure out what you want to bring forward. Look at things that you don’t hate but are still useless. It is those neutral objects that you need to let go of this week.

*Aquarius – The Devil – The Devil brings another week of tests trying to get you to lose your focus on your TRUE goals. Last week, the environment tried to pull you in with its chaos. This week, The Devil will try to divert you with more tempting and tasteful treats. This can look like people bring in sweets to the office to entice you from your resolution of no sugar in January. Or, when your good friends come to town for the weekend, you imbed too much in the beverage department and the next day skip exercising. So, in all things, moderation and self discipline are the key.

*Pisces – Ten of Swords and The Emperor – Two card week for you all. The Ten of Swords warns you that shit can hit the fan this week if you do not listen to your intuition. The Emperor card is here to help you get out of this sticky wicket. First, these two cards tell you to check your hubris. A good ruler checks his ego at the door and listens to the people around him. Then, a good Emperor makes a plan and sticks to it. So, this week do not do anything on the fly. If you need to reassess – pull back, adjust, then start up again.

May light be on you, around you, and within you,


Tarotcast for week of Jan. 1, 2017

The Red Balloon

Happy New Year. This is a picture from one of my favorite movies, The Red Balloon. This is a must see for all ages. This story has a great message about love and surviving bullies.

May this year bless us that our growth is with easy and it takes us to new heights. And may we get there through love and cooperation.

Aries – Three of Wands – For your first week of 2017, you all got the Three of Wands – planning.  The Universe is giving you this week to do some planning before jumping into the new year. The Three of Wands’ image is a person waiting on a dock for his ship to come in. The lesson with this card is to be patient. Change is about to happen, so use this time wisely and get ready for it by organizing and planning. This is a great week for all of you who love to roam the aisles of Office Depot.

Taurus – Knight of Cups – Maybe you all didn’t get enough of the holiday love, because the Knight of Cups is here to give you another week to bask in the “Yummy.” This is a week to savor what you eat, the ones you love, and the warm home you are in. This is a week to indulge in the things you are grateful for.
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