Planetary Tarot Reading

Many of you have asked for a follow-up readings to make sure you are on the right path after you have had a Astrological Reading. As my client Amber, put it I need a spiritual time management reading, so I created the Planetary Reading.

The Astrological Reading describes the potential rewards and pitfalls in the year to come. Some of these can be changed by shifting your behavior, reactions, or perspective. Then the Planetary Tarot Reading, between your big Astro Readings, helps reveal if you have been tending to the issues you want to and making strides to attain the goals established in your last Astrological Tarot Reading.

In this seven card Planetary Tarot Reading, each card correlates with one or two of the houses in your Astrological Tarot Reading. I use the traits associated with the inner planets as a guide. By reading your Astrological cards and comparing them to the new cards in the Planetary Reading I am able to tell you how you are progressing and if needed what steps to take next.

I will send you this reading in an email, so you can read and reread the card’s suggestions as you please.

You may choose to do this only once, or to have a subscription. Either was you must have had a Astrological Reading within the past year and this reading must be 6 weeks or longer past that Astrological Reading

One Planetary reading $35 

You can choose any time to get this reading.   If this is your second or third, remember they must be at least 6 weeks apart from each other.

You may also choose to subscribe to my Readings bundle:

One Astrological Reading by phone and 4 Planetary readings by email $165 

You can pick 4 times during your year. They must be at least 6 weeks apart.  Or, If you want I will put you on a schedule you will receive them via email about 2 1/2 months apart.


One Astrological Reading by phone and 8 Planetary readings by email $250 

You don’t have to think about it. Your Planetary updates just magically appear in your email inbox about every 6 weeks.

Planetary Readings

What I need from you: email me at

  • your name
  • the date in which you got your last Astrological Reading and the name of the first card. (Remember I said I keep your readings for year this is a another reason why.)
  • ***Remember this reading must be at least 6 weeks from previous readings. The Universe and you need time to do the work.

What you get from me:

I will pull seven cards each of the associated houses in your previous Astrological Reading. These new cards will tell you how you are progressing in that area and/or where to go next. I will email you a photo of your reading for visual aid as well as a detail explanation of what the cards are saying.

***Please check your spam folders just in case my email gets funneled there by mistake.

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