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Amber Lang

Nina has been sharing her gift with me for almost two years and I am so thankful there is a site now that allows me to receive readings with her regardless of geographical location

The first time I received a reading was at a gathering where she was pulling single cards for people who were interested. I stepped right up and when I pulled the card Nina looked at it, looked at me and said 'Wait minute' . And she pulled two more cards, looked at me, looked at the crowd of people around us and even though she was clearly exhausted she asked if I would like to have a full reading because the cards she was pulling were very, very different from the happy-happy, joy-joy cards most people probably thought I'd get.

We found a quiet space, sat down and proceeded with a Celtic Cross reading. Nina explained what was coming through and walked me through the reading. Halfway through I broke down. What no one- literally no one outside of my children knew, was that my husband of 12 years had walked out on our family with no sign of discontent, no arguments, no warning. And there was no way Nina could have known this but the universe did and it worked through Nina to help me see so many aspects that had come into play and others that still could. That reading was SPOT ON. It was clear on the event, the circumstances, the characteristics of he and I. Even today, over a year later, there are aspects of it that filter through and shed light on an event or action.

Since that reading I have consulted Nina many times, sometimes just to make sure I'm on the right track, sometimes to help me find more clarification on where I am in my journey and what I need to focus on right now. And when I feel skeptical and a little alone in the universe, I make my logical brain stop and reflect on the very first reading, on how completely right on target it was in reference to a situation that Nina had no way of knowing about, and I tell my logical brain to hush and have faith.


Amber Lang Tarot reading March 31, 2016

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Testimonial for Horse and Rider Reading

"...The whole reading was spot on...Nina has a clear talent for reading the cards and she provides information you already know (but sometimes want to deny) or reveal issues you might not be aware of. Knowing these things help to see where you are and where you need to go next. I highly recommend you give her a try." Rachel Masen.    To read full testimony and article go to Decidedly Equestrian

Rachel Masen http://decidedlyequestrian.com/ Horse Reading May 20, 2016

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Testimonial from Thanna V.

I have been receiving a minimum of two readings a year from Nina for about 20 years.  Oh, geez - over 20 years?!  It doesn't seem like that could be possible, but it is the truth.  There is a very good reason I keep coming back - Nina's readings are consistently insightful, thoughtful and truly helpful.  Her explanation of the cards not only confirm what I know is going on, but also clarify questions about the situation, in addition to bringing up questions that I need to ask.  With humor and love her readings always provide at least one new perspective and shed light, where I need to investigate further.  Thank you, Nina.  She is a wonderful reader and teacher.  If you are lucky enough to be reading this - book a reading and see for yourself.  Twenty years can fly by!

Thanna Vickerman July 15, 2016

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For me, the astrological tarot readings with Nina are tools for greater self-knowledge. There are things you couldn't learn about yourself in counseling or meditation that you could learn through tarot with Nina. The cards are useful for understanding universal patterns and archetypes that we all may come across in life at some point, but Nina takes them to another level by interpreting them with incredible intuition and love for you as an individual. The reading is never generalized, but instead extremely nuanced and specific. She has given me the permission to improve certain categories of my life that needed an outsider's encouragement and ethical direction. She doesn't tell you that something will be difficult without telling you how to make it less difficult. She doesn't judge your strangeness or choices. She is wise to how much you have to let the universe unfold on its own, and how much you can influence its unfolding. The outcomes of these readings is insight on how to make your life more wonderful.


Elliot January 5, 2017


intentions are the children of desire and the grandparents of destiny

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