the fox and the tarot


About me and the tarot

Since I was a child, I have noticed there are patterns, themes, and stories that surround and dance within us. I found that the tarot’s symbolic archetypes resonated with those patterns and stories that I had been seeing. The tarot became a bridge for me to access our intuition and could then be used as a tool to navigate one’s life.

The Cards

I have a variety of tarot decks from which I read but I do have a favorite. Twenty years ago I started reading with the Aquarian deck. I have tried many others throughout the years; however, the main deck I come back to is made by Salvador Dali for his wife Gaia. I love this deck because it is part of a love story, and it is full of history and art. He collaged a variety of classical art into the designs of each card, and this resonates with my thoughts that archetypical themes show up in art as in history.

The Reading

I have a variety of spread I use depending on your needs. I do read tarot with two major guidelines: I believe in free will so you create your own future. The cards are mere guideposts into your intuition and the environment around you. It is your choice whether to heed your intuition and the universe. We are put here to discover and learn from our own journeys. I also believe life is a bit more complicated than just positive and negative.   Each circumstance in our lives holds a little yin in the yang and vice versa. Therefore, I don’t read cards upside down but look at the whole reading and see how the positive and/or negative aspects of the cards weave into your story.


intentions are the children of desire and the grandparents of destiny

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