New Moon Tarot Reading focused on Intentions

New Moons Tarot Reading

We all have had times in our life when we feel overwhelmed, lost, or directionless. Or a time when we need confirmation with the Universe that we are sync up with its energies.  If we have clear intentions and focus our energy on them, we can create the destinies we want. I have created the New Moon Tarot Reading and a ritual to help you create focused intentions for each month.

The New Moon intention practice is something I have been working with for the past 20 years. The Moon and the Sun influence our lives through the tides. In fact this gravitational pull is so strong it stretches our plant’s crust every day. Even though we are over 75% water the moon does not seem to affect us the way it affects the oceans. However, I have found that paying attention to the moon cycles and where it sits in the sky does coincide with our own natural rhythms.  Every 29.5 days the new moon arrives into a new zodiac sign. The Moon works as a celestial time clock where we can sync and therefore benefit our lives with the universe’s cycles.

After working with Jane Spiller’s New Moon intentions work and adding on my own twist with astrology and tarot, I have come up with a New Moon Tarot reading/ritual to help my clients focus their power into their everyday life.

First I look at your natal chart and where the planets are now. Then with these celestial energies in mind, I pull three cards that hone in on your intentions that will be the most fortuitous for the coming month. I then have you do a writing ritual with those intentions on the New Moon. I ask that people do this for at least 3 new moons, so they can start to feel their own intuition sync up with the universe.

Remember Intentions are the children of our desires and the grandparents of our destiny.

$50  – 3 new moons

$90  – 6 new moons

$180  – Lunar Year There are 13 new moons in a lunar year, so that’s 12 readings for $15 apiece and another for free.

What you get from me:

  • A welcome email package that explains the new moon intentions and a schedule of when your monthly emails will arrive.
  • Every new moon for up to a year, you or your friend/loved one gets a three card reading that focuses on the intentions you should set for that lunar month. For fun the images are from a wide range of tarot decks.

The first reading will start on the next new moon date

Since I do these the day before the new moon  each lunar month,  I only have 13 slots for this kind of reading, so I can give each person individualized attention.    At this time, I have 5 more openings.

What I need from you:

  • the name
  • birth date, time and place (if you do not have the exact time, that is OK for this kind of reading)
  • email address of who you want this to go.

*If this is a gift and you want to personal give the certificate and initial package, I will email it to you.

Please check your spam folders just in case my email gets funneled there by mistake.

New Moon Reading

intentions are the children of desire and the grandparents of destiny

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