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Tarotcast week of July 17, 2016

crab monkey Ashmolean Museum

Above is a picture of a netsuke from 19th century Japan. This is one of my favorite art forms because it is usefulness and art coming together. Also, I am always amazed when art is done on a small scale.

Netsuke are miniature sculptures that served as a toggle to hold containers (sagemono) from kimono’s sashes(obi). They are carved from a wide variety of materials, from mammoth ivory to walnuts. They take on a variety of forms. The most common is katabori which are round and usually one to three inches high. The most complex are ryusa which is carved like lace and karakuri, which have moving parts or hidden surprises.   During the Edo period in Japan, everyday citizens had limited avenues of self expression due to custom and law, so the netsuke was one subtle way to show your individualism. I think the keychain is the netsuke of today.

P.S. I’ve added some pictures of netsuke that you all may like. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you.

89189f43166a83fd05911eac524bf794Aries – Ten of Swords and Queen of Swords – This week will be loaded with chaos and disruptions from social situations. The Ten of Swords challenges you to listen to your spidey senses. The Queen of Swords is here to say that if you strategize and prioritize before starting each day, you will be able to focus and dodge the debris of this hurricane of a week.

snail*Taurus – The Chariot – Last week did you make it through the roller coaster of emotions and find those feelings that have clues to what you need and what you don’t want in your life? You will need to use that emotional insight this week to keep the balance and momentum of The Chariot. As much as you all might want a rest from last week, The Chariot challenges you to keep going. The Chariot guarantees that things will move more smoothly in the future if you deal with stuff now instead of postponing it.
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