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Tarotcast for week of July 31, 2016


Since it is still Leo’s birth month, I would like to talk about the domestic cat. The cat family, Felidae started to diverge 10-15 billion years ago into two sub families, Pantherinae and Felinae. The domestic cat belongs to the latter and the genus Felis. Thus, the domestic cat’s full taxonomy name is Felidae Felis catus, which basically translates to “cat cat cat” or cat to the third. Historians estimate that cats were domesticated about 9,500 years ago in the Fertile Crescent coinciding with the development of agriculture.

We all have heard that “cats hate water”; however, their history has an interesting twist. The spread of the domestic cat around the world is largely due to ships carrying them aboard. There is evidence that the tradition started with Ancient Egyptians taking cats on board to catch birds along the shore line. Then Phoenician trade ships began keeping cats aboard to keep the rodent population down. As trade ships from other nations took on this practice, cats became known as good luck symbols for ships, sailors and fishermen. And the “ship’s cat” became a common sight on naval, trade and private ships.

There are many stories around ship’s cats during WWII in the Royal and American Navy.   The most famous story is about “Unsinkable Sam” who survived the torpedoing of two ships, the Bismarck and HMS Cossack. So it seems cats and water have a more complex and paradoxical history. Hmm, much like their leonine human counterparts.

P.S. For grossness I added some pictures of different breeds of kittens to each sign.   Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you.

mix kittemAries – Nine of Wands – It’s back to work this week. The Nine of Wands’ lesson is preparation. This week take the time to stand back and assess what you need before going into any situation. The more prepared you are the more smoothly this week will go.


maine coonTaurus – Page of Pentacles – The Page of Pentacles’ lesson is around being a student. Will all that has gone on the past 3 months since your birthday, you need to ask yourself – What do you still want or need to learn this year?   This is the week to start going to “the life you want” school.
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