Tarotcast for Week of October 29, 2017

The number 108 holds a huge significance for me because of a series of synchronicities . It starts 30 years ago with a friend nodding off to sleep mumbling 108 windows and doors. A few months later I was reading the book The Inner Reaches of Out Space by Joseph Campbell where he mentioned how 108 fits in with the use of the number 9 in a variety of mythologies and religions.  Then a couple of months later, I was watching the movie Bull Durham which the opening narration says “I know things. For instance, there are 108 beads in a Catholic rosary and there are 108 stitches in a baseball.”

The number 108 continues to pop up in my life. When I meditate and use a mala which has 108 beads on it,  for 108 is a significant number in Dharmic Religions. I started my spiritual practice with Tai Chi which has 108 positions.  Also, I am an avid martial arts movie watcher, and found there are more forms that use 108 too. I love mythology and while reading Odysseus found that Penelope, his wife, had 108 suitors. In science, the distance from the Earth and Sun is about 108 times the diameter of the Sun. In math, it is the summation of the interior angles of a regular pentagon, which makes it part of the math that contributes to the Golden Ratio. And for all you witches out there a pentagon is the base of the pentagram.

So, this is my 108th tarotcast. I have done this tarotcast for two years, and I would like to celebrate and thank you for being on this trip with me. I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am. Thank you for reading. XO

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you. I have a new reading the Planetary Spread for you all to check out. I’ve added some funny Halloween pictures and ideas for you.

Aries – Ten of Cups – The Tower warned you that best way to make it through last week’s changes was to be cautious, keep your expectations low, and go with the flow. So now that this shift has happened, the Ten of Cups is asking you to pick only the good things out of the rubble. The lesson is that when things are not built on stable ground they fall.   And many times we do not have control over seismic like disturbances, but we do have power over on what we focus on and carry with us. Costume ideas: Butterflies , unicorns, or something that will make them laugh

Taurus – Ten of Swords -. The Ten of Swords’ lesson is one in following your intuition. This card forewarns if you don’t follow your sixth sense, you will walk into trouble. Usually this trouble comes from other people misunderstanding what you are putting out there or just a plain case of the meanies. Your challenge is to use your intuition around social situations to duck and weave, and when in doubt best to keep to yourself. Costume ideas: Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Freddie Kruger, Lizzie Borden
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Tarotcast for Week of October 22, 2017

Viktor Vasnetsov

This is a painting by Viktor Vasnetsov  titled the Three Princess of the Underworld. It is based on the Russian fairytale The Three Men of Power- Evening, Midnight and Sunrise. This fairytale has the familiar themes of princess in distress, usually three poor but gallant brothers go off to save them, but it is the youngest who saves the day. This youngest son or daughter is a common theme in many stories like Joseph in the bible, The Golden Bird, The Red Ettin, Boot and the Troll, to name a few. What is the need for us to see the youngest win?

I hypothesis that the youngest theme was a pushback of the old world system where in reality the eldest got the crown, the girl, the prestige. In ancient times, fairy tales became parables of hope to the youngest and maybe made the eldest more considerate. But today the fairytale has expanded into reality. Our re-telling of history or the news highlighting the underdog even though these are places where unbiased truth should rule.

We all rally around the smallest guy on the team when he get to first base or the girl who becomes an astronaut. I hope we all still do, but is our focus on the fairytale ending skewing reality? Are we making choices based on hoping things into authenticity, backing the “underdog or outsider” for that sole reason, or even celebrating anomalies instead of correcting and dealing with the injustices that are real? Please still rally around the “youngest” winning, read fairy tales and have hope, but also see that genderism, racism, sexism and other “isms” are still predominant problems that the “youngest” still face.

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*Aries – Tower – The best way to make it through a Tower week is to be cautious, keep your expectations low, and go with the flow. The Tower shakes things down that are not working. Keeping your eyes open for falling debris, and be okay with this restructuring. It will make you safer and more prepared the next time the poop hits the fan.

Taurus – Two of Cups -. The Two of Cups emphasis compassion, partnership, and trust. This card is begging you to engage in some lovin’. Your only challenge is in finding the time.
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Tarotcast for Week of October 15, 2017

Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak’s book Where the Wild Things Are started my love and fascination with monsters. This book has only 330 words, yet it is so complex in its ideas. It is takes us into and through the realm of anger, loneliness and fear. Max shows us how to use imaginations to confront fear and combat loneliness, and the book’s conclusion teaches emotional self regulation when Max decides to come home. These are deep emotions to cover in 330 words, so Maurice conveys another layer through his illustrations.

His illustration choices are subtle yet convey a deeper subtext. For example see above, how Max’s posture and his eyes closed show his ecstasy and abandonment and how  Wild Thing One’s posture mimics his. This picture shows W.T. One at the head of this “merry” band; however, W.T. One’s glance back to Max reminding us that Max is the true leader, for he has conjured up this world.  And you can see all the monsters show a facet of Max’s emotions.

Below are more illustrations of Mr. Sendak from Tolstoy, the Hobbit, Brothers Grimm etc… I challenge you to examine his illustrations –  find the complexity of emotion he conjures up with the subtleness of his illustration choices.  I think you will find just like in Max’s world, they show us parts of ourselves.

P.S. Please support your local artists this holiday season. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.  Funny interview with Stephen Colbert and Maurice Sendak

Aries – Ace of Pentacles – Last week, you got the Magician who said you have things under control. The Ace of Pentacles continues this theme. Though the challenged has changed slightly from watching your step around people to actually working with others. Take the help that is offered this week.

– Seven of Cups – The Seven of Cups’ lessons are about hope and illusions. This week the challenge is disregarding or correct illusionary thinking without losing or crushing hope.
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Tarotcast for Week of October 8, 2017

Christine Morren’s art conjures up fairytales, fantasies and feelings of fall for me. It might be the color palette she chooses that remind me of autumn landscapes. Or the blurry silhouettes of her subjects that remind me of the foggy fall mornings. Or that her more humanoid subjects’ eyes are as crisp as a autumn wind. Or maybe it is because her images remind me of the paradox of autumn memories. The fun of frolicking in a pile of autumn leaves, and that associated smell of autumn is also one of earthy decay.

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Christine Morren*Aries – Magician – The Magician ‘s lesson is self-confidence. You got this week under your control. The only challenge is, as you power through this week -doing your thing, to be aware and respectful of the people on this journey with you.


Taurus – Knight of Cups – The Knight of Cups continues the theme of expressing your emotions that the Moon challenged you with last week (not to mention the Full Moon in Aries that occurred ). The Knight of Cups warrants you to keep the emotions flowing. The more you wear your heart on your sleeve the more your love ones can help you shore up and replenish your emotional well. The challenge is communicating these emotions, so they are heard.
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Tarotcast for Week of October 1, 2017

Monsters of Bomarzo

Happy Birthday Month Libras.

Above is a picture of the Pegasus sculpture in the park called Monsters of Bomarzo in Lazio, Italy. In 1552, Prince Pier Francesco Orsini commissioned architect Pirro Ligorio to design the gardens and Simone Moschino to sculpt the “monsters”. The garden was born as the “Villa of Wonders” to be one of a kind a journey through mythology and fantasy. However, the death of the Prince’s wife, Giulia Farnese, change the tone of parts of the garden.

During the 1800’s until 1954 the park became overgrown and faded into obscurity until Giovanni Bettini and Tina Severi bought the property and spent the next twenty years restoring it. He and Tina’s tombs now occupy the Temple of Eternity the memorial building for Giulia Farnese.

I picked this artwork to represent Libra for this park is like Libra’s lessons which represent the precarious balance of love and sadness, beauty and the macabre, life and death… Libra’s mission is to give us hope and lets us perceive that the good usually balances out the bad, but we need both to feel the other.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you. I’ve attached a few of the sculptures with each sign.

Monsters of Bomarzo Aries – Queen of Pentacles – The Queen of Pentacles is about enjoying creature comforts this week. Enjoy good food, take bubble baths, relax on couch or hammock and read books, talk with love ones, and take walks during sunset. You have one life with these particulars gifts. This Queen challenges you to partake and enjoy them.

*Taurus – Moon – The Moon and Taurus actually get along pretty well. In astrology having a Taurus Moon is pretty auspicious. This week will be a pretty emotional week, but if you keep yourself grounded you will fare nicely. The challenge with the Moon is to express your emotions. The action of that release will change your mood to the positive like the Moon changes from dark to light.
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