Tarotcast for Week of June 25, 2017

National Geopgrapic pic pollinators

June 20th through the 26th is National Pollinator Week and beginning of Cancers’ birthday month. I have two challenges for you this month.

First, did you know that three fourths of the world’s flowering plants and about 35% of the world’s food crops are dependent on animal pollinators to reproduce? I am sure you all have heard that honey bees and bats are on decline, but the majority of other pollinators are also having trouble.

So your first challenge is to help pollinators. The easiest way is to increase places for them to eat. And the best way to do that, if you have a green space, is to plant some flowering plants. Even a potted flowering plant gives pollinators a way-station from one habitat to the next.  And if you don’t have any green space, search out empty lots and seed bomb them. (You can get these seed bundles in other places like Etsy or a local hardware store. And please be conscious of what you are planting. For instance if you live in Hawaii do not buy an Eastern seed bomb – I am not promoting planting invasive species!)

Second, Cancer rules the emotional realm this month. Emotions are like pollen. As people visit us and we visit them we give off emotions that can stick to people. So this month be responsible for what you are spreading – be that seeds or your emotions.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you. Below are some pollinators.

Aries – Six of Wands – A victory or break through will happen for you this week. The challenge with this card is taking this for granted or not taking this win to the next level.


Taurus – Ten of Swords – Last week, The Hangman’s lessons were about stopping your regular life to take a detour and gain a totally different perspective. This week, the Ten of Swords has shown up. It means that last week detour put you in a vulnerable place. The challenge with this card can be one of two things.   Either you need to follow your intuition by seeing the hits coming and lessen the blow. Or, that last week’s Hangman detour exhausted you, where you feel beat up or floored and need to stop fighting and heal.
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Tarotcast for Week of June 18, 2017

Each Wednesday, I post on Instagram Art images that resonate with a tarot card or it’s meanings.   I like to ponder the card, the meaning and the art  image on hump-day for insights into our collective consciousness.   For this week for fun and possible insight, I picked images that resonate with your cards or their meanings for this tarotcast. Enjoy.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Queen of Cups – The Queen of Cups brings fun and frivolity into your life this week. She challenges you to put away your serious face and begs you to let your quirky, funny side out. Or as they say: this week, let your freak flag fly. The lesson she is trying to convey to you is not to take yourself so seriously. Your friends fell in love with the quirky side of you, not the perfectionist side you try to maintain in public.

*Taurus – Hangman – The Hangman’s lessons is about stopping your regular life to take a detour and/or gain a totally different perspective. This week your regular life is on hold. This might be as simple as getting caught in traffic and will need to find an alternate path home. Or it can be as complex as deciding to do something totally different this week than following your normal schedule. The big lesson with this card is that this 90 degree turn should give you a new perspective and enlighten you, so when you get back to your normal routine you will have rebooted.
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Tarotcast for Week of June 11, 2017

Julia Cameron Photography

The photographer Julia Margaret Cameron was born June 11, 1815 – 202 years ago. She started taking photographs late in life, at the age of 49. At the time, people accused her of slovenliness and bad photography. Instead of the hyper-realism expected in this budding art form, she used a soft focus, allowed her subjects to move, often portrayed them in legendary themes, and played with the development process. This is typical of air signs; they do their best work outside of pre-existing structures. To deal with air signs think about them like the wind – without boundaries. When you enjoy the wind the most is when it unexpectedly glides across your skin on a hot summers day.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Three of Swords – Last week was about feeding your strength. That was preparation for this week. The Three of Swords’ lesson is about getting rid of or refusing to accept thoughts that hurt you emotionally. This week, watch out for your thoughts piercing others or for someone else being passive-aggressive with your heart. Your challenge is to dislodge or dodge the negative darts thrown at you.

STC135827 Portrait of Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-92) (b/w photo) by Cameron, Julia Margaret (1815-79); black and white photograph; Private Collection; The Stapleton Collection; English, out of copyright

Taurus – Ace of Pentacles – You get back to work this week with the Ace of Pentacles. This is a great time to start a project, and get your hands dirty. The challenge with this card is that you have so many options that it is hard to pick just one. It is important that you pick just one.

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Tarotcast for Week of June 4, 2017

Hiroshi Shinno insects 01

These imaginary insects are made by the artist Hiroshi Shinno. He casts the outer petal-and-leaf like structures in resin, paints them with vibrant acrylic paint and then applies them to a brass base. Even though I have read how he does it I still wonder, how in the heck did he do these? They are the size of a leaf,. and you can see from the picture that some of the pieces are almost translucent. People are amazing. Or really, nature is so amazing that we in one of our highest forms of expression trying to copy it.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

*Aries – Strength – It is all about strength this week. Your challenge is to identify the things that make you stronger and feed them. If exercise makes you feel stronger, do it. If resting makes you stronger, get your eight hours and nap if you need to. If love makes you stronger, spend time with people who love you and who you love.

Taurus – Queen Of Cups – Last week, you practiced balancing work and play. Now, the Queen of Cups is begging you to add more play, by reconnecting with love and beauty. Your challenge is to spend as much time in the land of Ahhhhhh and Wow. The more your heart is open to the wonders in this land the more you will receive.

Gemini – Six of Swords – Last week, The Star heralded that your new year would be filled with the gifts of enlightenment and healing. This week the Six of Swords challenges you to get some solitude and think about the areas of your life where you want healing and enlightenment in the coming year. As always with this card, I advise you do this around water, and ocean, river, ha even a pool.

Cancer – Queen of Cups and Three of Pentacles – So remember that juggling you need to get better at? Well, you are still working at juggling this week. The Three of Pentacles is challenging you to add another ball to the two you have been working with. The Queen of Cups says that part of your balance problem is that you haven’t been working in enough fun, so this new ball needs to be fun. The key, and paradox, is that fun shouldn’t be work.

Leo – King of Pentacles – The King of Pentacles’ focus is on pushing projects forward. He is the doer of the deck. His lesson is to get hands on. This is not a week of the mind. The one challenge with this King is that when he does something he is on maximum drive, and this includes being lazy. Remember it is great to be driven, but don’t be extreme.

Virgo – Ace of Swords – The Ace of Swords is advising you to make a decision or to come to a new way of thought. The Aces always foretell a new beginning and this one starts in your mind. Your only challenge is to stay focused yet open.


Libra – Six of Wands – Another good week for you all with the Six of Wands. This card indicates victory and completion. The challenge is identifying and then focusing only on projects where the goal is easily attainable. Anything that does not fit into that category can wait, because those projects are too convoluted or blocked right now. Meaning no matter how hard you push, they just won’t get done anyway.

Scorpio – Five of Pentacles – This week you are missing resources that you need to move forward. For example, you can’t find anyone around to help you, you don’t have enough money to cover an expense, or that piece you need to finish the puzzle is nowhere to be found. The lesson to learn with the Five of Pentacles is that this is a short lived shortage – this too shall pass. The challenge is to fortify yourself with hope. Things will work out, just not this week. PS: You may also literally lose something – like car keys or credit card. So put your car keys in one place all this week.

Sagittarius – Ace of Wands – The Ace of Wands is wanting you to do something that brings awe and amazement into your life. This card advises that this activity or thing should be something new. The only challenge with this card for Sagittarians is that the combination creates a lot of fire energy, so be safe on your adventures. Buckle up and wear a helmet when required.

*Capricorn – Lovers – The Lovers is all about collaboration. Spend this week with others bouncing off ideas, and philosophizing about how to fix the world’s problems or how to make the divine manifest into the world. This week is big and lofty. To get your imagination and intellect to soar you will need partners. Also, realize you will have different partners for different things. So your challenge is to be fully focused and engaged with the person you are with at the moment.

Aquarius – Four of Wands – The Four of Wands’ lesson is around making a happy home. This card asks you to ponder, how do you make your home a happy place for you? Do you need to make food and invite loved ones over? To curl up on the couch, turn off all electronics and read for a day? Change the color palette? Remember to follow your heart, because your home is where your heart is.

Pisces – Knight of Wands and Two of Pentacles – The Two of Pentacles is back to remind you need more balance in your life. And the Knight of Wands is saying that your imbalance stems from you neglecting your creativity. Your challenge this week is to not only juggle work and family. Now you have to add “me time” in or you are going to lose your balance.


May light be on you, around you, and within you,