Tarotcast for week of June 26, 2016

I want (and kinda needed) to convey three ideas today: hope, true change (change that sticks) takes time, and ultimately we need to stop think “them” and think “us.” England has just voted to no longer be part of the EU and drag Scotland and Northern Ireland with them. I was extremely sadden about this. It  just added on to the Orlando shooting, Trump being the Republican candidate, and his wall – to name a few. I started to feel like my faith fading.

However, when I stand back and look at history as a whole I see humanity’s ebb and flow to eventually tip towards growth and peace. We have come a long way. Biologically, we were set up to be xenophobic so we wouldn’t get killed. This process of “us” versus “them” has been honed in us for over 500 million years of evolution. Yet, we are less xenophobic and less violent than we were just a 1,000 years ago. For example, the violence in Orlando was countered by peaceful protest by all kinds of people all over the world and a sit in by a normally complacent congress. Look how different that was from the reaction to what happened at Stonewall 50ish years ago. Where people saw the violence as “their problem” not “our problem.”

With the United Kingdom and the EU, maybe the flow will be that Scotland tips towards independence, Ireland becomes whole again, and they both rejoin the EU. I can’t predict the future but I have hope in humanity. As I step back from our history I see wave by wave, we are evolving towards a more accepting and holistic world view. We still need to take a stand and push forward. Because, for now, it seems we still need to take a step back to make a leap into the future. A future where there will be no need for “sides” or groups – just WE and US.

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Nine of Swords – This week you all might be up against your worst worries. Notice I said worries. Worries are not real; they are possibilities. And really ask yourself does worrying ever help? If you are truthful, they seem like they are helpful a little bit. We feel prepared and that at least we are doing something. However no matter how hard you try, you can’t be prepared for everything. So the challenge around the Nine of Swords is that your worries are based on a fear which you need to look at and put to rest.

Taurus – Ace of Swords – This week new ideas are surrounding you. Take time to let your mind do some thinking. The challenge is to be open to new ways of thinking or understanding. This will lead you to some major problem solving. And for you writers or want to be writers out there this is a week to write. The Ace of Swords is the Muse of communication through written form.
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Tarotcast for week of June 19, 2016


Happy Summer Solstice for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. Happy Winter Solstice for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere. Monday, June 20, is the actual date when the longest day in the Northern hemisphere and the shortest day in the Southern. My favorite things about summer are summer showers, warm nights, pools really any body of water, and driving in a car with the windows down listening to songs on the radio. So for fun I attached some summer songs from the sixties that may or may not correlate with your readings. Next month I’ll be doing summer songs from the seventies.

Info on “cool” picture of the sun: A full-disk multi-wavelength extreme ultraviolet image of the sun taken by SDO on March 30, 2010. These “false” colors trace different gas temperatures. Reds are relatively cool (about 60,000 Kelvin, or 107,540 F); blues and greens are hotter (greater than 1 million Kelvin, or 1,799,540 F). Credits: NASA/Goddard/SDO AIA Team

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Page of Pentacles – Did you spend time last week being in your life without judgment? This week with your now non-judgmental mind you all to put your thinking caps back on – there is some learning to do. The Page’s challenge is: Can you learn something new without put your old judgments on it?  The Twist

Taurus – Five of Cups – This week there is a bit of sadness and melancholy hanging over you. These emotions are based on expectations that no longer work for you or at least some of them do not. The Five of Cups challenges you to look at your emotions. Some of them are part of life and those go with you. Some are not useful anymore, so it is time to let them go.  Where Did Our Love Go?
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Tarotcast for week of June 12,2016

dada max ernst pleiades-1920

I don’t often push apps but Sauntering Verse is so much fun and connects last week’s poetry and this week’s Dada artwork. As you move the app uses your location and creates Dada poetry.

The Dada movement was short-lived, 8 years from 1916-1924, but shook the art and literature world to its core. It began after World War I in Zürich, Switzerland with a group of artists and writers in a tavern called Cabaret Voltaire. Dada was anti-war/anti- establishment movement. It became a conceptual art movement who questioned societies’ ideas of the role of the artist and the purpose of art itself. A key element was that the artists could incorporate chance and/or everyday objects into their art’s creation which went against the meticulous planning that went into previous traditional art forms. This process of chance and “everyday” challenged the idea of “where” is art produced and “what” is art. Dada became the fertile ground for Surrealism and the post modern art era.

I love this art form for a lot of reasons but probably because 60 years later I found myself drawn to the punk/new wave movement. Punk also started as a creative outlet to rage against the establishment. Punk used collage, established new art forms that redefined where and what is art – graffiti, used irony with a sense of humor, and re-opened the art/literature/music world’s arms to all types of people/art forms with a creative heart.

P.S. For fun I have attached some Dada art/artists to your signs which may have some insight for you. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you.

*Aries – The Fool – Last week the Knight of Wands reminded you to have an adventure without expecting an outcome, and this week The Fool is here tell you to continue this trend. This is not a week for big decision-making but for experiencing. The Fool card’s lesson is to be in your life without judgment. The main challenge for you all with The Fool is – can you subtle change your life without trying to push or bully your way through a new experience? Or another way to put it – are you trying too hard and not just doing. Cut With a Kitchen Knife by Hannah Hoch

Taurus – Ten of Pentacles/Three of Cups – Ok, this week is a two card week. You have had some heavy work the past two weeks in dealing with what your new paradigm is going to be. So this week you got two cards to tell you to sit back and enjoy life. The Ten of Pentacles’ lesson is to see all that you have accomplished so far this year and the Three of Cups is telling you to raise your glass with some friends and celebrate it. You got two out of the three celebration cards in the tarot deck, because you all needed to beaten over the head to stop and enjoy life before you get back on the treadmill. This is a Taurus challenge because you are both a lover of cornucopia of life and work horse, so how can you balance both?  Chinese Nightingale by Max Ernst
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Tarotcast for week of June 5, 2016



Poetry has resurfaced in my life because a friend of mine has been posting some of her favorite poets. I find the art of poetry fascinating because historians think it originally started as a way to memorize history. That the repetition, use of visualizing words, rhyming, the sing-songness of poetry helps us remember it. They believe the oldest written poem are The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor and the Gilgamesh Epic. They both have travels to and find wisdom. This theme continues in later epic poems like Odyssey, Iliad, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Poetry has now evolved to surpass just a way to memorize epic stories. Poetry is unique in that it can an art form bound by rules and when done well in that tight binding show infinity- like haiku. Or formed to crash intellect into naughtiness- the limerick. Or boundlessness like free verse or rap. Poetry has grown now to encompass the diversity of the personal story. Yes, it still tells our history but it also has given us a window into the individual perspectives of our hearts and souls.

P.S. I have attached a few poems that I think go with your reading. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you. I have attached some poetry

Aries – Knight of Wands – The Knight of Wands is here to remind you to have an adventure this week. The challenge is not to get lost in all the options – pick one and just do it. The great thing with the Knight of Wands is that there are no expectations to whatever you pick to do. Hmmm then again that might be another challenge for you Aries – can you “do” without expecting an outcome? Blank Letter – S. Sen

Taurus – Ace of Pentacles – Second week of Aces or new beginnings for you all. The Ace of Wands asked you to pay attention to what you sowed the last week. This week the Ace of Pentacles wants you to continue the path of planting for the future and to plan some short-term goals. The challenge will be can you balance both Aces (short and longer term goals) at the same time without feeling stressed? Hint: if you are feeling stressed, your short and long-term goals maybe at odds with each other. Life is fine!- L Hughes
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