Tarotcast for Week of May 29, 2016


Happy Birthday month Gemini! Gemini is associated with the Twins, Castor and Pollux. Born from an egg due to their mother’s seduction by Zeus in the form of a swan. They are the patrons of sailors, boxers, and horseman. This association is mostly due to their adventures with Jason on the ship Argo.

There is an interesting connection with sailors, the twins, and St. Elmo’s Fire. Lightening is attracted to boats on the water, so lightning strikes have always been a concern for sailors. St. Elmo’s Fire mostly occurs during storms and around the masts of ships, so these phenomena were believed by Greek and Roman sailors to be Castor and Pollux protecting them from lightning and storms. As science has found, this plasma forms when the electrical field around a pointy object causes the ionization of nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere which creates a blue or violet glow. The pointy object attracts this plasma formation because electric fields are more concentrated in areas of high curvature like the tip of a mast of a ship or a lightning rod. Around 850AD Erasmus the Bishop of Formium, Italy (he lived in the third century) was canonized and became the patron saint of sailors because he supposedly preached in the middle of a lightning storm without being hit. The glow was then named St Elmo’s Fire by sailors and prayed to just as the twins were centuries before. To this day engineers have not figured out a good way to ground wooden boats from lightening strikes, so I’ll pray to all three.

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Seven of Cups – The creative spirit continues this week with the Seven of Cups. This is a week where your imagination and dreams need to be tended to. The challenge is to find time to let your mind wander so you can make some cool connections.

Taurus – Ace of Wands – This week is a great time to plant seeds for the future. The Ace of Rods heralds new beginnings. The challenge with the Ace of Wands is you will need to plan what seeds you want to plant because this will be where your energy is spent in the coming year. A simple metaphor – a lot of newbie gardeners plant radishes because they are easy to grow; however they end up not eating them all or say they really don’t like them. So pay attention to what you sow this week.
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Tartotcast week of May 22, 2016


We all know that everything is connected on this Earth, but periodically I come across a connection that amazes me. I want to explain how dust picked up from an ancient lake in Chad – which lies in the middle of the Sahara Desert in Africa – fertilizes the plant life of the Amazon Rainforest and more. Atmospheric scientist with a NASA satellite have studied dust movement for the past seven years and have found some interesting patterns.

The Amazon mostly re-fertilizes itself by leaf decomposition and the help of its wildlife. However, phosphorus and some other minerals are washed away into streams and rivers; therefore, phosphorus needs to be replenished for the Amazon plants to grow. In Chad, the Bodele Depression, an ancient dried up lakebed, is filled with rock minerals composed of dead microorganisms loaded with phosphorous. Throughout the year Earth’s wind patterns picks up over 182 million tons of dust from the Sahara Desert and spreads it around the world. About a sixth of it gets to the Amazon and weirdly that dust contains just about as much phosphorus as what is drained away from the forest each year. Also, a large portion of the dust lands in the oceans providing nutrients for phytoplankton. Which is a whole other story but here is just one bit you should know – that phytoplankton provides 50-80% of the oxygen we breath. Now along with the Amazon 20% basically the production of most of the oxygen we breath is dependent upon dust from the Sahara desert.

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you.

*Aries – The Lovers/Ten of Cups – OK, this is a two card week. The Lovers card wants another week to let you all do some creating, and the Ten of Cups wants you to find ways to enjoy yourself. Oh and the challenge is trying to do both at the same time…in other words try to have a great f-ing week my friends!

Taurus – Knight of Cups – The Knight of Cups continues the path of last week’s Empress – creating an emotional satisfying life. The Knight reminds you to keep the momentum going by directing your energy only to the things that move you emotionally.
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Tarotcast week of May 15, 2016

Museums are one of my favorite places to hang out. The amazing thing about museums for me is that we have collectively decided to hoard certain things to be viewed by the public. This goes against what most animals do when collecting. Usually species of animals hoard food items or building material for themselves. Besides ourselves, only two species (beavers and acorn woodpeckers) and social insects are known to share their hoards. However, humans -uniquely- also hoard things from the past and art which are mostly non-utilitarian. Why?

The first museum is accredited to Princess Ennigaldi in 530 BCE in what is now known as Iraq. The oldest public art museum is The Capitoline Museum opened in 1471 and started by a Pope donating part of his art collection to the people of Rome. The most visited museum in modern times is the Lourve with over 8.6 million people visiting a year. The cool thing about museums for me is watching the people look at the collections. It makes me wonder about all the people that have looked at that piece in the past. That is an amazing thing about museums, they make the experience of time non-linear. Maybe that is why we hoard and display art and artifacts to blow our minds throughout time.

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you. I have attached some virtual museums websites for fun.

*Aries – The Lovers – Another higher arcane card, this week you all got The Lovers card. The last two weeks hopefully you spun The Wheel and some new things/ideas/people have come into your life. The Lovers card is all about the concept of combining two things to create something new. So it could be that these new people can help you accomplish something, or it can be combining two ideas that form a more cohesive idea, or new things can create an art piece, or adding something new to your living room can give it a homier feel, etc… So go create something amazing. Sistine Chapel

*Taurus – The Empress – The Empress is a great card to end your birthday month. You started with planning where you want your new year to go with the Two of Wands.   Then you cleaned your slate with The Fool card, then The Sun card helped you identify the joy you wanted to continue to shine and grow in the world, and now then Empress arrives the card of creation. The Empress card asked what passion do you want to grow in the world and how will it benefit others? Her challenge: Are you creating a life were not only are you are emotional satisfied but understand how you gained the good things in your life so you can grow more for others. National Museum of Natural History
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Tarotcast for week Of May 8, 2016


Taurus is the sign of the bull. There are 242 breeds of cattle according to Oklahoma State University, and 800 according to Wikipedia. No matter, they all came from the one ancestor the aurochs. The last of this species was poached in the forest of Poland in 1627. This species of cattle is most likely what the Taurus’ bull looked like to the Greeks. It is taller and heavier than most of the domestic cattle we see today. There are two subspecies that evolved at separate times from the aurochs – the Indian species leading to the zebu and a Euraisia species that lead to the taurine. It is the many combinations of these two subspecies that lead to 242-800 breeds of cattle we know today.

The fiction behind the image of Taurus is about the myth of Poseidon making Pasiphae, Minos’s wife, fall madly in love with the Cretan Bull (this was due to her husband finding the bull beautiful and not sacrificing it – the curse seems a bit misdirected to me) and she then birthed the famed Minotaur from that coupling. Years after, Hercules captured the rampaging bull, then let it go, then Thesus caught the bull (now called the Marathon Bull) again, and then sacrificed it to Athena or Apollo. The Gods placed its image in the sky to honor it. I know Taurus have a reputation for being difficult; however, for me the bull that most personifies Taurus is Ferdinand. The peaceful bull that would not fight in the bull ring. Yes Taurus can be stubborn and when stung can look really mean and ferocious but ultimately they all would rather just smell the flowers and enjoy life in all its beauty.

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you.

*Aries – Wheel of Fortune – Ok this is a 1 out of 5,184 chance to happen. You got the Wheel of Fortune again. So you have one more week where the winds of fate are blowing in your direction. You have more time to learn which chances to take as long as the cost does not outweigh the loss.

Watsui cattle

*Taurus – The Sun – Another great card for your birthday month! The Sun card is a card of growth, joy and happiness. The Sun is here to remind you to shine, prosper and share your light. The challenge of The Sun is to identify the beauty in your life and figure out how to tend to its growth. The Sun also reminds you that the sun can casts shadows. These shadows can be from other people standing in your light or you outshining others. So be aware what can dim your light or how you dim others radiance.
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Happy May Day Tarotcast

mayday1911     International-Workers-Day-238x178

Happy May Day everyone. I love the month of May, the air is sweet and full of promise.  May Day is an ancient celebration of the final days of winter and the beginning of summer or at least in the northern hemisphere and according to agricultural societies.  It is about half between the vernal equinox (March 19-22) and summer solstice (June 19-22), which is an appropriate placing for a spring festival – fields have been planted, animals are being born, and flowers abound.  The ancient Greeks dedicated this day to Demeter and her daughter Persephone’s return from the underworld. Most Eurasia societies have festivals that celebrate the height of spring.  A variety of traditions continue like maypoles, bonfires, and tiny gifts of flowers and sweets to represent love and life.

May Day has another side of demonstrations for better working conditions.  May Day is celebrated in Russia as the holiday – International Workers’ Day.  The interesting thing is that it stems from a riot in Chicago – The Haymarket Affair.  This event consolidated the workers movement to gain better working conditions for us today.  On May 4th 1886 a bombing took place at a peaceful labor demonstration in Chicago.  The rally was to support workers striking for an eight hour work day and for the killing of several strikers by the police the day before.  Between the bomb and the ensuing gunfire seven police officers were killed, four civilians and many others were wounded.  Eight anarchists were brought to trail and seven condemned to death and one to life in prison. Historians still debate if the evidence and convictions were just.

May Day is another example paradoxes I find more often in my study of this mortal coil. It celebrates both life and death but in the end growth happens – beautiful/good things come from both.

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you. I have added flowers associated with your signs. (The flowers differ from the variety of sources, so I picked the ones I saw the most frequently associated with your sign.)

*Aries – Wheel of Fortune – Things are starting to shift in your favor. This week fortune is on your side. Play lotto, call that possible date, send out your resume. The Wheel teaches us that things won’t change unless you spin the wheel. What have you got to lose – a dollar or a bit of your ego. However, here is the challenge the cost should never outweigh the loss. Flowers: Thistle and Honeysuckle

*Taurus – The Fool – Another great card for your birthday month. The Fool card is the zero card or blank rune. Take this week to clean your slate and de-clutter your life, so you can be open to the new roads ahead of you. Here is your challenge this week to help you to simplify your clutter. The Fool carries a knap sack and has a dog as a companion on his trip. What would you put in your knapsack (5-10 things only)? And who would you have be your traveling companion(s)? Also, I ‘m advising to continue this week to look along roads and sidewalks there are still more messages for you. Flowers: Violet & Foxglove
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