Leaving Behind 2017 and Welcoming 2018 Tarotcast

Leaving Behind

This tarotcast is short and sweet.  On New Year’s Day many of us set up resolutions or we wish for a thing to manifest in our new year.  And last week, the tarot gifted something to carry forward into 2018.  However, the first law of thermodynamics says that energy cannot be created or destroy, or that energy in its totality remains the same. Therefore for you to gain something, you must leave something behind.  This tarotcast is dedicated to creating detritus in 2017 to open up space for the new in 2018.

The ritual I suggest for tonight is to get rid of something.  With that thought in mind, I pulled a card and picked one or two words that can help you start the process of evaluating what you no longer need or use and leave it behind.

Talk to you all next year.

Aries – Empress


Taurus – Page of Wands

Caged Creativity

Gemini – Knight of Swords


Cancer – Ten of Cups

Bad relationships

Leo – Three of Wands


Virgo – Lovers


Libra – Sun


Scorpio – Queen of Pentacles


Sagittarius – Queen of Swords


Capricorn – Six of Cups

The Past

Aquarius – Fool


Pisces – World

(LOL you got this card last week too.  Beginnings and ends).  Closure

May light be on you, around you, and within you,


Tarotcast for the Week of Dec. 24, 2017

Saturn has moved into Capricorn where it is at its best, and it will be there until March 2020.  Though I am not an astrologer by trade I have felt the shift.  (If you want a really good astrologer I recommend Michelle at heavenlywriting.com. She is amazing)  This planet hasn’t been in Capricorn since 1989-1991.  Think back to that time and as the year progresses see if you have any reoccurring themes.

Saturn is considered by some as the karmic task master, but I think of it more as a teacher. What a good teacher does is to see your gifts,  helps you excel and become more you. So, I did the tarotcast a bit different this time.  I asked the tarot what is your gift for the coming year. And below is what the cards came up for each of you.

Happy Holidays. The images are from me rabbit holing by typing in your gift word into the internet and finding what resonants.

Aries – Three of Wands

Your gift from the Three of Wands is patience and preparation. Take your time in 2018.  Make sure you are prepared as you go into new situations.  When you need to slow down do so and when you need to run – run.  If you trust yourself, your timing will be perfect.

Taurus – Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords’ gift is ambition and action.  2018 is the time to move your career along. Your only challenge will be to look both ways before charging ahead.
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Tarotcast for the Week of December 17, 2017

From Winter Solstice to New Years, I reflect back on what has been and plan for what is to be. Also, I’m data geek. I keep excel sheets on the tarotcast’s cards each sign gets throughout the year. So, this tarotcast is dedicated to our rearview mirror view of the 2017.

I look at the data in two ways, how many times each card was pulled (for anomalies) and what the actual cards were for each sign (trends). For fun I want to see if the data show some statistical difference and or trends, and so far it has. This means that certain cards get pulled outside the average, (which this year was 7.5 times) in a 12 month period. Now, to be truly scientific I would have to do this for many years and I am only on year two, but let’s see how this works with the data I have so far. (You can see 2016 year in review tarotcast here.)

Overall, 2017 had less high and lows than last year. The Aces (beginnings) averaged out to the same this year as last, but 2016 had more 10s cards (endings) then 2017. The Magician reigned in 2017. He challenged us to change the world around us and align it more to how we would like our world to be. This year at the Magician’s best was about the self, experimentation and what can I personal manifest into my life. And at worst was about greed, deceit, manipulation and using one’s skills and abilities for negative ends. The “Me Too” movement is a great example of how both sides of this card played out in society.

There were more “least pulled” cards (2 times) this year than last year: 4 swords, 5 of cups, 8 of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, and King of Cups. I see these as areas where we did not have enough. Overall we haven’t had enough healing emotionally and mentally, nor have we had enough mastery of the skills we need to feel at ease.

The card pulled the most was the Ace of Wands (17 times) same as last year that has us once again asking ourselves the big philosophical questions of why we are here, and what do we stand for. The Eight of Wands (17 times) also ranked high this year. This card means we were inundated with news and messages and needed to decipher which messages information was relevant and useful.

Then I looked at each signs trends and that is below. The pics are my  top  12  tarotcast’s pics. Photo by Charles Pinion.

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Believe it or not this has been an average year when compared to the rest of the signs but how it played out was a bit hard. The beginning of 2017 was laid back until about April then you were full on throughout the summer. You had a small respite in September, but you were back in the saddle again the rest of the year. Creating and maintaining structure was the theme that challenged you 2017


Even though this was an average year of intensity, people, endings and beginnings, you haven’t had a month which hasn’t had something big going on. All of the big change cards and the most knights (movement) visited you more than any other sign in 2017. Therefore, your big trends were around change mostly outside of your control and how to keep moving forward. You all handled it but I hope 2018 brings you a smaller to do list and more spaces to breath.


You had a big karma year in 2017 which played out with you coming in second on the having the most high arcane cards (15). Lucky for you the timing worked in your favor with a month on and a month off all year. However, you have been living out your two lives maybe a bit too well. So your Strength (maintaining it) was your big challenge this year. Hopefully, 2018 will have you living one life instead of two.


You had an average year with its up and downs. However, the first part of your year was crammed packed until March. You had a nice lull until July then you were off running until November. And you are ending the year with a bang. The High Priestess was your theme this year and next. She came to you each quarter and for your birthday yea reading challenging you to weave spirituality in your life.


This year started and ended with a bang for you all even though you average the same amount of stuff that the other signs went through. The Empress hung-out with you more than any sign this year. She challenged you to examine and expand how nurturing and mothers are in or not in your life. .


You all had the lowest karma cards this year but the highest pulls for Aces (new beginnings). Meaning, this year you have been trying on a lot of hats in all the parts of your life. However, you were one of the two signs that did not try out the Magician hat this year. All these components lead to 2017 being a year of experimentation instead of manifestation.


Like 2016 you had more than average amount of people in your life compared to other signs, but overall this was an average year for you. Your big theme was the Emperor which challenge you to Do it.   This is a card of business and how you make your wealth. Though with all the people you have been dealing with, it also was a challenging year on expressing your authority and maintaining your boundaries.



This was an average karmic year for you though most of the big stuff you dealt happened from January to April. You were last on the list of getting aces -new beginnings (only one).   However, that was due to the Empress and Magician via for your attention throughout 2017. They challenged you to experiment and grow what you already had in process instead of creating new projects.



You had an average time this year with big themes, people, beginnings and endings. You started off the year with a lot on your plate then had a nice break from February through March. Then for the rest of the year, you tackled a new big idea about once a month. You grab on to the Magician’s big theme this year by visiting with him more than any other sign (3 times). This was a year of you experimenting to discover and manifest new ways of creating the world you want.


You come in second, having the most Higher arcane cards to deal with this year. They were all helping you with your most visited themes of tearing down (the Tower) and building back better structures (the Hierophant) in your life. Hopefully, you have done most of the that work in 2017 so next year you can settle into your newly built life.


Well Aquarius you had the highest amount of higher arcane cards (karmic) this year. This year was a big one for you. You biggest themes were with the Devil card (4 times) and the Magician (3 times). The Devil had you dealing with your negativity, feeling stuck and thinking you do not have control. The Devil usually shows up right before one gains enlightenment to test your resolve and strength. The Magician balanced you out by having you experiment and think outside the box to free you from where you felt stuck. With all this hard soul work this year, 2018 should be a breeze.


This year fell in the averaged range with big themes, people and endings, but came in second in having eight Aces (beginnings) in 2017. Your most visited cards were Emperor and the Hierophant this year. The Aces and these two dudes challenged you to create better structures, make yourself a better provider, and generate more prestige in your work. This was a year of doing to give you a step up into a better place for 2018.


May light be on you, around you, and within you,



Tarotcast for Week of December 10, 2017

Crows in park

My fascinations with crows started in San Francisco. A friend of mine used them as an omen to keep her eyes and ears open for messages from the Universe. As soon as she said it, I started seeing crows in city. When I moved to Troy NY, I was introduced to the phenomena of crow migration in the winter.  Crows are typically solitary birds. However, in the winter at night they come from their various regular digs to the riverfront and one of those places was a park right across the street from me. The above picture is a murder (a group of crows) of crows in NYC, because lol all my pictures are too dark. To me, they look like beautiful black flowers on the blooming on leafless trees, and I loved walking in the park when they were there, though carefully. It felt magically.

The other time that crows come together is when another crow dies. They hold what looks like a crow’s “funeral” Researchers at the Avian Conservation Lab found that if a crow sees one of its brethren dead it will call out and other crows will come. The researchers also found that crows have amazing human facial recognition (See article on how they used caveman masks), so they have theorized that this behavior has come about for crows to communicate about threats in their territory. This discovery gives a twist as to  why a group of crows is called a murder.

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Aries – Three of Wands

You can take a break in manifesting with the Three of Wands. This card advise you to tie up loose ends and work on making sure everything is prepared for the near future. This is a perfect challenge for you this week to do more oiling the wheels before you continue to move forward.

Taurus – Page of Swords

Last week Judgment wanted you to take the more enlightened path without saying I told you so. The Page of Swords continues these theme, for your challenge is to find out more about a situation before you decide to enter into discourse. This is an eyes and ears open – mouth shut kinda week.
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Tarotcast for Week of December 3, 2017

Vik Muniz

We are official in the Holiday Season. The season of gift giving. The word gift has three definitions. One being a thing given willingly to someone without payment. The second also a noun is a natural ability or talent. And the third gift in its verb form is give something as a gift as a donation or bequest.

In a scientific study published earlier this year a geologist, Jan Zalasiewicz, has found that the human made “technosphere” or manufactured goods has now surpasses the natural biosphere (nature that includes us) in mass and variety. There is approximately 506 million metric tons of all living humans but the stuff we have made weighs 60,000 times more than we do.

How can you lighten your contribution to the technoshpere’s mass and still give gifts? The clue is in the second and third definitions of gift. You can take your gift and share it with another. If you are amazing singer, go out caroling to an old folks home, or say you are great with numbers give someone’s child free tutoring lessons. Have your kids donate one of their gifts to some child in need, or add to the biomass instead by giving a tree, a plant, seeds, food. Is it so hard to take just one thing off your gift list and give yourself instead? The ultimate point is The Gift that means the most this seasons Is You.

P.S. The art work is done by Vik Muniz. He repurposes everyday objects to create his art pieces.  These are not photo-shopped in but the actual objects

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Vik MunozAries – Seven of Wands

Last week, the Emperor paved the way for manifestation to come with ease. The Seven of Wands continues this theme but highlights areas in your life that divide you and/or your attention. This week work on your personal integrity, and keep out of the chaos and competition laid out by others.


Vik Muniz*Taurus – Judgment

Judgment foretells you will have many opportunities this week to prove you have grown into a more enlightened and compassionate person. Your challenge is to take the high road without saying I told you so.

Vik Muniz*Gemini – Emperor

Two weeks ago your fortune changed for the better, and last week you had to gather new information to help formulate your new strategy/path. This week the Emperor has show up to say The time for action is now. Your goal is to Just do it. Take out your lists and stat checking things off. The Emperor challenges you with your motto for the week: No time like the present. (LOL He loves a good motto or slogan.)

Vik MunizCancer – Three of Cups

The Three of Cups is all about friendship. Your cup needs to be filled and the Three of Cups advise the best place to do that is with your close friends.

Vik MunizLeo – Eight of Wands

The last two weeks the Empress and High Priestess had you emulate, contemplate and integrate the best nurturers you know. This week, the Eight of Wands is saying you need more time to do just that. Your challenge is to be receptive to the messages about nurturing from the past and future. This is hard subject for Leo’s because your potential for needing nurturing and giving nurturing can push the boundaries of infinity, and even you with all your energy there is a limit.

Vik MunizVirgo – Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles foretells this is a get week to start new projects, new habits, go shopping, redecorate. Get your hands dirty. Discover new places. There are deals and new opportunities out there for you just need to hunt for them in new places. This Ace’s challenge is to start creating before the New Year starts.

Vik MunizLibra – King of Cups

Last week the Sun wanted you to pick one area of growth and put all your energy into that. The King of Cups continues this theme except this time you need to get your heart in on the act. If you are not loving what you are doing then you are focusing on the wrong things.


Vik MunizScorpio – King of Swords and Nine of Wands

There is a bit more preparation this week with the Nine of Wands. Only after you feel that you are fully prepared then you can take the stance of the King of Swords and make a decision. The challenge is to hold off from making a choice until you are 95% sure of the outcome.

Vik Muniz*Sagittarius – Wheel

Second big card for you all for your new birth year. Last week the Fool challenged you this coming year to grow, experience life, keep your mind, eyes, and opinions open. And now the Wheel joins the party saying your choice of action or inaction in the coming year’s will affect you for years to come. This coming year if you want to create a new you it is the year to do it. Your actions in the coming year will change your fortune for the better and continue rippling for years to come. Your challenge is to create good karma in 2018.

Vik MunizCapricorn – Page of Cups

Last week the Judgment card challenge you to start the process of fulfilling your higher calling so you move closer to the You that you really are. This week the Page of Cups helps by having you incorporate what made you play as a child. Your challenge is making sure your higher calling has an aspect of play in it, or it won’t have the purity you are striving for.

Vik MunizAquarius – Knight of Wands

All the Knights are about moving forward. The Knight of Wands is about conscience movement. As Martha Graham said All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.

Vik MunizPisces – Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is the information gatherer and assimilator of that knowledge. This week she advise you put your ear to the ground and listen to the humming undercurrent of situations. There is more information for you, but you will need your intuition and understanding of the human mind to interpret what is actually being said.


May light be on you, around you, and within you,