Tarotcast for Week of August 27, 2017

Andreas Gursky uses large format photography and a higher point of view to capture our environments giving us a different perspective than where we normally journey. His architectural photos show how we try to order and create symmetry in our world. But even in his subjects where we think we would find randomness, by pulling us back to a wider perspective, our eyes and minds try to find order to our chaotic world.

The smaller format below does not do Gursky’s work justice, so I suggest you go to his website.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Eight of Pentacles – Back to a regular work week with the Eight of Pentacles. This card advises you to focus on work. If you do, you will find yourself in the flow more often than not. Your challenge is improve your skills and center your attention to master your work.

Taurus – Ten of Wands – The Ten of Wands’ lesson is about putting too much on your plate. This week your challenge is to drop or at the very least put on the backburner one project. You have too many things to do and are feeling overwhelmed. And of course with your Taurus work ethic, you can do it all, but is that how you want your everyday life to look like?
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Solar Eclipse Tarotcast for August 20, 2017

The first total solar eclipse seen from America since February 26, 1979 happens tomorrow. The science part of this is pretty cool. NASA has a great website for facts about eclipses.  Also from an astrologer’s point of view, this solar eclipses brings new beginnings and change. An interesting tidbit from my favorite astrologer Michelle Gould, is that each eclipses effects a different group of people more. This eclipse focuses on Leos and whatever house Leo resides in your natal chart, and especially if you have anything at 28 degrees.

This eclipse I find myself in a new home and in a new town. The next annular solar eclipse to be seen in the continental US is on October 14, 2023 and will be visible from Northern California to Florida. Following this, we will have a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 visible from Texas to Maine. I wonder where I will be then? What new beginnings are you conjuring now and what will be on your horizons in 6 years?

This week, instead of asking the Universe what do you need to know for the coming week, I asked what advise it had for you in the coming 6 years. Enjoy.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Ace of Wands – What a wonderful card to get for the solar eclipse. Aces are new beginnings, and Wands asking you to focus on what brings you passion in your life. Your challenge is to figure out how to get more time to focus on what lights your fire?

*Taurus – Death – This eclipse brings with it slow change for you. What do you want to weed out of your life?  What do you want to plant and then lovingly grow in the next six years?

Gemini – Four of Cups – Last week the Justice card advised you to think logically and with an end game in mind. The eclipse would like you do to do some contemplation – to do inner work to effect the outer. Now is the time to change what gets you down in your life. The challenge for you is stop trying to fix everything.   Just pick one thing and change that the rest will fall in to place at their appropriate time.

Cancer – Seven of Cups – The Seven of Cups is a card of imagination, wishes, dreams and illusions. Your lessons for the next six years are to flex and strengthen that imagination muscle and start believing in your magic. Your challenge is to let your imagination soar and realize that if you are aware and clear of what you are wishing for that alone will steer you away from illusionary thinking.

Leo – Five of Wands – The Five of Wands is advising to use this eclipse energy to look at the chaos in your life. How can you start to release the tension in your life? The big challenge is that strife in life is a given. Your lesson is more on finding ways to deal with it better.

Virgo – Three of Swords – Last week Judgment challenge you to make some major shifts in your life because the universe will support it.   This week your eclipse card is Three of Swords. This card challenges you to stop agreeing with negative thought patterns. There are three of them that were placed there by others. Now is the time to pull them out and discard them. Yes, you will feel a bit hollow for awhile but your heart will be lighter and healthier.

Libra – Page of Pentacles – The Page of Pentacles is asking you what do you want to learn during this 6 year eclipse cycle? What do you want to add to your skill set or study for fun? Painting? Surfing? Excel? Art History? Your challenge is to expand your mind and increase your talents.

Scorpio – Five of Pentacles – The Five of Pentacles is advising you to start saving. The lesson with this card is that you feel safer when you are debtless and have a good size nest egg in your bank. The next 6 years is the time to grow that egg.

Sagittarius – Two of Wands – Your eclipse challenge is to start making firmer decisions to change your life. Your easy going – deal with it as it comes personality has worked so far, but can you imagine what would happen when you had a clearer focus for the next six years.

Capricorn – Ace of Pentacles – Your eclipse card is the Ace of Pentacles. This is a card of new beginnings which is appropriate and it is pentacles which means to take action. So this continues last week’s walk the talk attitude, but since this is the eclipse card this is a new beginning that will take 6 years to harvest. Your challenge is to remember patience and being in the moment – every day is a new day. When you falter or make an error these are building blocks as much as your victories. Contemplate this: if life is a journey of steps and it’s goal or end point is death, which do you think is more important the steps or the goal?

Aquarius – Ace of Swords – The Ace of Swords is your eclipse card. This card appropriately denotes new beginnings, and for you this new beginning is around your thoughts and communication. The next 6 years will bring you enlightenment and with it new thoughts and ways to communicate; therefore as your mind expands so does your life purpose. Oh, an amazing byproduct of this will be a new sense of serenity.

Pisces – Ace of Cups – Crazy, so all the Aces have shown up in this tarotcast and you got the last one the Ace of Cups for your 6 year eclipse challenge. Aces are new beginnings and your focus are emotions. The next six years you will be learning how all emotions sprout out of LOVE. Your challenge will be how to grow love and acceptance for yourself and then spread those seeds of love to others.


May light be on you, around you, and within you,


Tarotcast for Week of August 13, 2017

This week we are between two eclipses. Eclipses foretell beginnings, endings and change in general. So I picked the kinetic art of Theo Jansen to represent the movement in the universe. He calls his creations Strandbeasts. I recommend clicking on to the hyperlink it is pretty amazing.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you. This opening is brief and no individual pictures for signs because I am also moving this week. Light and Love see you all next week.

Aries – Eight of Swords – The past two weeks have asked you to slow down, heal, and craft some structure in your life to protect yourself and the life you want to create. This week the Eight of Swords is having you look at what boundaries your thoughts form that hold you back from living the life you want.   We are between eclipses and this is the perfect time to slough off anything that isn’t working for you.

Taurus – Five of Wands – This week can be filled with a chaotic energy, some is yours and the rest is everyone else’s. We are between eclipses where things end and new beginnings occur.   Your challenge is to realize that the only true control you have is over is your own stuff. This is a week of patience and presences.

*Gemini – Justice – The Justice card advises you to think logically and with an end game in mind this week. The two eclipses lend energy to endings and beginnings during this time, and this energy can complicate and distract your thinking. Your challenge is to keep your choices and problem solving as two pronged as you can.

Cancer – Eight of Wands – The Eight of Wands heralds that there is information out there for you this week. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open for synchronicities and messages from the Universe,  because the eclipses these messages are around endings and beginnings.   Remember you need one to have the other.

Leo – Four of Cups – We are betwixt the two eclipses where changes abound, and the one coming up is in your sign next week. So to prepare you the Four of Cups has shown up. This card advises that this week you can keep to yourself and do some inner belly gazing. But it’s challenges is after looking within you will need to look outwards.

*Virgo – Judgment – This week we are between the two eclipses – a time of change, and you got the card of evolution, Judgment. This is a great card to get with the energies that are out there right now. You can make some major shifts in your life and have the universe support it.   In a simple way, this can look like changing your paint color in bedroom from a energetic yellow to a more calming blue and you find that you sleep better. Or in a more complex way you meditate on, say…. your heart chakra and change it from a dusty rose to a hot pink. Your challenge is that change begins with your actions in the universe, not the other way around.

Libra – Four of Wands – We are now between the two eclipses, which like your last week’s tarotcast heralds endings and new beginnings. And with change brings a bit of chaos. This week the Four of Wands challenges you to deal with the disorder outside by bringing order to your home.

Scorpio – Three of Wands – To prepare for the new moon and eclipse next week, the Three of Wands is advising you to take a step back from your life and take stock of what you will need for the new beginnings approaching after August 21st. Your only challenge is to hold of starting anything new until ALL of your ducks are in a row.

Sagittarius – Ten of Wands – This week your ship has come in, but now you will have to cart all the goods home. Being between the two eclipses this month has given you a glimpse into what needs to be ended and started to make your life happen with more ease. But there is still work to be done until you can really enjoy your bounty. Your challenge is to figure out what is worth carrying into the new life you desire. This card recommends that you need to lighten your load.

Capricorn – King of Wands – You were clued into the change the eclipses are bring with the Tower card you got last week. So as the solar eclipse comes closer you all are a step ahead of the rest of us. Where the past weeks you have been contemplating of what, where and how you want that change to affect your life, this week the King of Wands is challenging to walk the talk. So, your test is to start doing one thing that will create the change that you seek.

Aquarius – Page of Pentacles – We are between two eclipses and you are trying to take advantage of the winds of change. Your work continues on but fairs better if you are both ears and hands on. This week there is a lot to learn from your environment. Your challenge is to put what you think you know aside and become the student of change.

*Pisces – Hangman – We are between the two eclipses and this is a great card for being in between the endings of the lunar eclipse and the beginnings of the solar eclipse August 21st. The Hangman asks you to take a break or detour from your life/work to gain knowledge from a different perspective. This can look as simple as mediating for 15 minutes each day, doing some lucid dreaming, or even taking a walk out in nature. This is not a week to make life changes or even make big decisions. This is a week of contemplation. The challenge is getting yourself in a different “environment” to shift your mind so you can see alternative possibilities to all the possible futures you can  create.


May light be on you, around you, and within you,


Tarotcast Week of August 6, 2017

The Talking Skull, above, and the sculptures below are by the artist Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller. Fuller is considered to be a forerunner of the Harlem Renaissance. After art school in Philadelphia she moved to Paris and became a protégé of Auguste Rodin. In Paris, her artistic ability was nurtured and exalted.  However, on her return to the US her art was considered “domestic,” and she was shunned by the Philadelphia art scene. ( I am not exactly sure what “domestic” means but a polite way of being racist and sexist in the early 1900’s in the Northeast.)

Fuller’s work was not limited to the reflection of the African American experience. For instance, she made a religious sculpture annually, but many of her pieces were political in nature and some did express the African American experience at the turn of the 1900 century.  I see that sculpture above as not only a way Meta spoke to the world about a certain people’s history but also how she understood and beautiful articulated the complexity of emotions of a human questioning death.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.


*Aries – High Priest –  Last week, The Star card advised you to slow down and do some much needed healing and breathing. This week the High Priest is challenging you to continue the intentions of last week, but to do so you will need to create boundaries and structure in your life. Remember the big rule in air flight: put your oxygen mask on yourself before putting it on others.


Taurus – Three of Wands – You know last week when the Queen of Swords asked you how to make you your deepest desire happen? Well, you get another week to work on that. Last week you tried to get what you wanted done, and you found that you didn’t have the resources, including time. The Three of Wands is giving you another week to set up the circumstances to get those deepest desires to sail into port with more ease.
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