Tarotcast for week of February 26, 2017

“Oysters and Silver,” an oil painting by Pennsylvania-based painter Sarah Lamb.. Photo courtesy of Asheville Art Museum.

This week I have shared a variety of still life paintings. This art form has always fascinated me. Some may see still life as boring or on the “lowest rung in the hierarchies of art. Until you start to wonder why did the artist choose these combination of things to paint. To me these paintings convey an intimacy of who that artist is, because each item is a window into the artists everyday life: the food they eat, the flowers they buy or have in their gardens, the books they read, the stuff on their shelves… These are glimpses into what they do when they aren’t doing art.

I marvel at the varied perspectives that artists bring to our lives and how they can highlight something that is everyday and elevate it to mean something. I believe we all bring our perspectives to the table in some form or fashion. What do you bring to the table? What things would you pick to represent your still life?

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

 Aries – Six of Swords – Another week of you in your head with back to back weeks of swords. The Six of Swords advises that if you can do some contemplation by the water or at least take a small trip to leave familiar surroundings. Seeing new places will lead you to seeing new perspectives or solutions.

Taurus – Knight of Wands – The Tower last week foretold that there is a crack in the foundation of something in your life.  Hopefully you have identified it and started to fix it. This Knight tells you to take a more creative “out of the box” approach to finding the solutions to fix your cracks.
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Tartocast for week of February 19, 2017

Science and Art have once again met in the arena of space exploration. Most of the of what planetary scientists are learning about Jupiter’s “weather” systems are coming from public edited images taken by JunoCam. The JunoCam research team does not have an image processing staff, so they have opened it up to citizen scientists to do the work. The above photo, of Jupiter’s south pole, was edited by Roman Tkachenko a Russian music producer. Because he has taken a more artistic approach highlighting the raw image to make it “less natural” but more “exciting and expressive,” scientists are now seeing features they did not see with their own images.

Another citizen scientist, Jason Major a freelance graphic designer in Rhode Island, took a different approach to his image of Oval BA, a storm on Jupiter’s surface. “I attempt to bring out some of the fine details of Jupiter’s dynamic atmosphere while at the same time making the final image appear something like what our eyes might be able to see, [as if] we were riding along with Juno in orbit and watching Jupiter’s cloud bands pass by,” he writes in an e-mail. His edited images again showed scientist details they had not seen with their images.

This just reminds us to keep our viewpoints open to outside mindsets. Being open to others might just bring a hidden detail of your own life into focus.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Three of Swords – There are three thoughts or ideas that you will need to figure out this week. These thoughts have been messing with your emotions. So, dealing with them won’t be easy, but like barbed thorns once you have removed them you will feel better for it.

*Taurus – The Tower – The Tower foretells that there is a crack in the foundation of something in your life. This could look as simple as seeing that a project you are working is missing a pivotal piece or as complex as seeing a personal core belief that is not ideal anymore. If you can identify and fix this crack, you will be able to avoid the destructive force of The Tower. However, if you disregard that nagging – something is not right – feeling the walls will come tumbling down.
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Tarotcast for week of February 12, 2017

Happy Love Week.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Five of Swords – This month with Mars still in Aries the Five of Swords warns that this week you should be careful with your ego and others. This week it is fine to use all this energy from Mars to do your thing but be careful you don’t run somebody’s ideas or emotions over.

Taurus – Six of Swords – You might find yourself feeling a bit out of groove this week The Six of Swords recommends as an antidote to get to some water – ocean, lake, or river. You need to hear the rhythms of a body of water to reconnect to your own flow.

Gemini – Two of Swords – Last week, you found yourself escaping into your inner sanctum to avoid the crazy vibes. To make it through this week’s crazy the Two of Swords suggests you make everything be answered by a yes or a no. If you can’t answer any question or situation in this black and white fashion, put it off. Those situations or questions will get clearer the more time you give them.

Cancer – King of Swords – The King of Swords’ lessons are around thinking logically and rule fairly. So this week in all things take your time to know the whole situation before making any decisions.

Leo – Two of Wands – This week is a midway point from where you have been and where you want to go. The Two of Wands suggests that you take time to contemplate the past and how you got here. Also, it is a good week to finish up any old projects or tie up loose ends before you start anything new.

Virgo – Seven of Wands – This will be a another busy week for you. Seven of Wands’ challenge is to keep your focus while dealing with Mars in Aries firing up other people’s emotions. Remember the drama around you is not yours unless you want it to be, so choose wisely.

Libra – Two of Pentacles – This week is all about balance. This can actually be any kind of balance so watch where and how you step this week. You can be prone to spraining literal and metaphorical appendages. If you keep your eyes open and your head in the game, you will be able to navigate the path.

Scorpio – Three of Pentacles – Three of Pentacles advise you to keep your feet firmly connected to the ground. Spend time strengthening your foundations this week. This can look like literal getting new shoes that are better for your feet or get a more realistic plan for a project.

Sagittarius – Six of Pentacles – The past two weeks, The Star challenged you to give yourself a gold star, acknowledged you are resilient, and that some of the good things in your life were born in poop. Then Magician challenged you to putting some magic back into your life. This week the Six of Pentacles is a bit of a karmic lesson. What you put out in the world the past two weeks will come back to you three fold. Let’s hope you put some good into the world or this can get messy.

*Capricorn – The Hermit – The Hermit declare that you are due some alone time this week. The Hermit challenges you to pull away from society to hear yourself think. Now this doesn’t mean you have to escape to a mountain retreat, though if you can please do. This is more about getting some spiritual space. For example, a library can be full of people but you can escape into its silence.

*Aquarius – Wheel of Fortune – This is a great week to change your fortune. So apply to new jobs, play lotto, or ask out that boy/girl you have your eye on. The big lesson is no matter if you win or lose you will find out important information by taking the chance.

Pisces – Nine of Cups – The Nine of Cups’ lesson is even though your emotional life isn’t absolutely what you want – it is pretty darn good. The Nine of Cups’ challenge is to long for more while still being grateful for all that you have.

May light be on you, around you, and within you,


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Tarotcast for week of February 4, 2017


February is here already. I feel like it has been a moment ago that I heard 108 bells toll in 2017,  yet at the same time it feels like it has been years. This year so far has been busy and I have not had time for much music in my life which is highly unusually for me. I finally tuned into the radio while I was doing this tarotcast. It was an classics rock station, and the songs seemed to sync up with the cards and many of them came fro the 80’s.  As I was putting them into your tarotcast, I realized that what was alternative now is a standard.

Thirty years ago, 1987,  the big news in America was Ronald Reagan and the Iran-Contra Affair, high temperature superconductors, Supreme Court rules that it’s unconstitutional to require schools to teach creationism, the unemployment rate drops to 5.7% an all time low since 1979, the stock market goes through Black Monday – largest loss in DOW to date, Michael Jackson releases Bad, Microsoft releases Windows 2, and Prozac makes its debut. Which made me wonder, what will this year’s big moments in history be? Will 2017  be seen as an alternative or just a replay of the standard?

I have added links to the songs that were on when I pulled your card. Listen to the song there are messages in them too.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Knight of Swords – The Page of Wands last week wanted you get out and live. You still need to remember that Mars is in Aries,  until March 4th so  this gives you time. The Knight of Swords is warning you that this is a marathon not a dash. This week is all about finding slower steady pace. And she was

Taurus – King of Wands – The Star last week asked you to practice being passively active. This week the King of Wands would like to use that practice and apply it to your work. The challenge is to periodically pull yourself out of your work, take a glimpse at the big picture and then dive back in. You will dance better and enjoy it more if you take these active breathes on a regular basis. Let’s Dance
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