Tarotcast week of Sept. 25, 2016


Happy Birthday month Libra’s!

Jim Henson, a Libra, born September 24 1936. was my one of my muses and a magician. He was amazing innovator in puppetry. He created puppets combining the characteristics of a marionette, moving mouth and hands, with the traditional one handed static puppet. Jim started in television with Sammy and Friends and a variety of commercials and appearances in the early 60’s. By 1969 he and his company, Muppets Inc., were asked to join Sesame Street. He created the Land of Gorch – Dregs and Vestiges – the first year of SNL, 75-76, Muppet Show, 1976-1981, Fraggle Rock, and one of my favorite movies, The Dark Crystal. He raised puppetry into a magical art form.

As a child, his presence or really absence helped me out. When I was little, I would put on puppet shows with socks. Puppetry was the perfect outlet for me because I am very shy and an introvert. I made a French puppet with a felt beret and mustache and a girl puppet with yarn for hair. By second grade, I had added the characters of Punch and Judy which my Mom bought me after a lot of begging. When we had to do “show and tell” or reports at my new school, I could do it behind a cardboard box and make people laugh. Puppetry gave me the confidence and success in situations where I did not feel comfortable. And as some of you know I still make creatures out of socks and wool.

But here is where Jim Henson is the Magician. He created something that suspended our belief – where we see something that is not real as real. Unlike the marionette where I look for the strings. Or the ventriloquist where I look to see if I can catch the ventriloquist talking. When I watch the Muppets, still to this day, I do not think of the person standing under and moving the pile of fur. I see the silly bear, the vain pig, the crazy drummer, the courageous chicken loving showman, and the sensitive caring frog. That my friends is magic.

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you. For fun I have attached Muppets that go with your tarotcast.

gonzo_trumpet*Aries – Magician –  Wow!   This is fifth week with you all getting big cards. So let me just step back with you all for a second. When this happens this means it is big work time. There is opportunity for you to expand.  I hope if you all haven’t taking this seriously go back and do this work. The past five weeks you have been trying out new experiences, making small changes, having some amazing epiphanies, Creating, and now with the Magician you need to Conjure. Now how is conjuring different then creating. Creating is getting your hands dirty with a goal in mind. Conjuring is still creation but it is also experimentation. The Magician challenges you to tweak and play with your work. This is where the magic lies- in play. Play/experimentation frees up the mind to discover insight and the New.

scooterTaurus – Knight of Pentacles – The Knight of Pentacles means you are on the right track at work and to keep on keeping on. This Knight represents the work horse. Slow and steady wins the race this week. The only challenge around the Knight of Pentacles is to balance your work with time off. Here is the key to that: Your time off isn’t about quantity it’s about quality.   So an hour sitting on the porch having a beer with friends, an hour of reading a good book, or actually consciously sitting down for dinner with your family can rejuvenate more than a couple of hours in front of the TV. (Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti-TV. It is great to numb you out, but just for this week be careful, TV or something like it can take down your energy so low that you can’t get back to work.)
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Tarotcast week of Sept. 18 2016


This week I have picked another Virgo songster, Leonard Cohen. He turns 82 on September 21. To me he has gotten better with age. In his later albums, his phrasing has become more deliberate but smoother and his voice has gotten grittier and more soulful. Leonard Cohen’s work is dark and smoky but he is a wordsmith all the same. In that I mean that his words take me somewhere. They conjure up a magical image for me or pluck at the strings of my soul. Below is one of my favorite stanzas, so I’ll let him speak for me.

“Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin Dance me through the panic till I’m gathered safely in Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove Dance me to the end of love”

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you. I have attached some of Leonard Cohen songs that may or may not go with your tarotcast.

*Aries – Emperor – This is week four with you all getting big cards. The past four weeks you have been trying out new experiences, making small changes, having some amazing epiphanies and now it’s about Creating. Yes, that is Creating with a big C. These four consecutive cards are here to challenge you to expand your vision of who you are and what do you want to do and then to do it.   This can be a simple exercise in redecorating your living room so you can actually enjoy it, creating a new project, or it can be as complex as expanding your career or life’s passion. The really cool thing that these card and even astrology has been saying is the Universe is challenging you to grow. And Aries, you thrive when you are challenged.   You like a fight as long as it is fair. And at this time, the cards and the stars are saying the fight is right. I’m your Man

*Taurus – The Chariot/Five of Swords – The past two weeks you have been working on honing your people skills. This continues just a bit with the five of Swords. The lesson of Five of Swords is to be aware of one’s ego and how it can impede what you want to accomplish. Now with your ego in mind The Chariot asks how can you move your ideas forward in a balanced and objective way? Amen
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Tarotcast week of September 11, 2016


I want to raise my glass to another Virgo artist, Freddy Mercury. I love Freddy Mercury as performer. He had style and panache. And we all know that he had an amazing voice. His voice was so remarkable that they did a scientific study on it.

Published in the journal Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology this year, “this study presents an acoustical analysis of his voice production and singing style, based on perceptual and quantitative analysis of publicly available sound recordings.” This posthumous study found that he had at least a three octave range and was a master at modulating his voice. He used the technique of vibrating the ventricular folds of his larynx and creating subharmonics. This technique is also used by Tuvan throat singers.  The musicality is from another plane.  If you listen to Bohemian Rhapsody with that in mind it adds another dimension to this classic rock song. It becomes almost heavenly and just adds to the fact that “God blessed a Queen”.

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you. And of course I included some Queen songs that may or may not resonate with your tarotcast.

*Aries – Six of Swords/Judgment – This makes three weeks in a row with big cards. The past two weeks had you try out new experiences and then start making small changes, and now you get the Judgment card. Judgment’s lesson is around epiphanies. This week will provide you with information and opportunities that will give a better understanding on where you are and where to go next. And then you also got Six of Swords, this suggests that traveling will help the process. Six of Swords does not have to be “big” travel but short trip(s) works just as well. Also the Six of Swords means that water can guide you. Whether you go over a river to find something, spend the week at a lake house, or walk into a store to get a fresh water bottle, keep your eyes and ears open for some info. Bohemian Rhapsody
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Tarotcast week of September 4, 2016


Our loving landscapes art is believed to be based in our genes. The theory of evolutionary aesthetics says that things like color preference, shapes, emotional ties with objects, and other aspects of the aesthetic experience can be explained with reference to our evolution.   A study that surveyed people from all over the world found that we preferred landscapes that showed a perspective from higher ground, water, trees, and animals. I wonder if that is what drove Grandma Moses to paint her landscapes.

Anna Mary Robertson Moses was a Virgo, born on September 7, 1860. She is one of my favorite painters and one of my inspirations. She is my muse because, like me, she start painting later in life and her “art life” started with embroidering pictures and quilting. Her landscapes remind me of quilts – simple patches of color that make you feel warm, safe and loved.

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you.

Halloween GM 7*Aries – Death – Another big week for you with the Death card. Last week, The Wheel of Fortune had you try out new experiences without judgments or expectations. That should have given you a fresh perspective at what is possible. Now the Death card’s lessons around organic change can go more smoothly this week. Now again, this is two big cards in a row, so take heed – something needs to change in an essential way. The Death card recommends making small changes that will lead to a major shift. This can look like getting a new organization system that will expand your productivity and then brings you recognition at work, or getting rid of all the processed food in your cabinets because you need to improve your health. The Wheel gave you big picture ideas. And Death is giving you the time to make that change happen – one step at a time.
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