Tarotcast week of November 29, 2015

So Sagittarians how’s your birthday month going? I love this sign and have a lot of friends born under the gaze of the centaur. I love your sense of freedom and how you walk around this sphere; however this has been a heavy year for you. So half human I hope this coming spin around the sun is a bit easier.  Remember signs that have * , it’s a big week for you.

Aries– Queen of Pentacles- I love when the Queen of Pentacles comes up in a reading, because she is a woman that gets things done. This week set your mind to what you want to happen and it will happen with ease and grace. This Queen’s lesson is to not push things to happen but gentle guide things into existence. The big challenge- can you relax and guide things to happen instead of Aries’ usually way of pushing things into existence?

Taurus– Seven of Swords- This week your goal is to look around and see all the things that have worked in your favor to get you where you are today. The challenge -can you see it without shame or guilt?
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Tarotcast- November 22, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This holiday is hard for me because I don’t like celebrating the beginning of the war against the American Indians and the beginning of the insane consumerism around Christmas. However I do think that Gratitude needs to be celebrated. So at the end of each of your tarotcast I have added some of my gratitudes for what that sign in my life has taught me. Remember signs that have * , it’s a big week for you.

Aries- Six of Cups- Last week Aries did you get your mind quiet without it turning inward and attacking yourself? I think this challenge brought up some of the things that are connected to your past. This week you need to reminisce about the past and be thankful for its lessons. The challenge is are you doing or living the way that you want to be remember or just playing the past over again? Gratitude: Thank you for teaching me how to stand up for myself.

*Taurus- The Sun- So the trend continues for you growing new things. The Sun card gives you the energy to do anything you want to do. Last week, I hope you prioritized what you needed to do because with that focus you will get a lot done this week. The challenge is not to outshine or shade others but how do you make them grow right alongside of you. Gratitude: Thank you for teaching me how to have resilience.
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Tarotcast- November 15, 2015

This week I happened to have music playing while I was doing the tarotcast. Not sure if the songs really match up but I thought it would be fun to add the song that were playing when your card was pulled. Remember signs that have * , it’s a big week for you.

Aries– Nine of Swords- This week Aries you really need to take some time out for yourself. Your challenge is- Can you get your mind quiet without it turning inward and attacking yourself? Song for the Week: Bauhaus- Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Taurus– Ten of Wands- So you have had a couple of weeks to make something new come into your life. This week all that newness has put a lot on your plate. Your challenge is to prioritize – you don’t’ have to do everything at once. I know you can but why are you making things so hard? Song of the Week: Blur-Blur
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Tarotcast- November 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Scorpios. I hope you all are enjoying this time of year when you feel the warmth of the sun and the wind is crisp and exhilarating.   Remember signs that have * , it’s a big week for you.

Aries– Nine of cups- With all the newness of the past couple of weeks, this week the Nine of Cups has you feeling like something is still missing. The nine of cups tells us to look around at all that we have and be grateful. But also it tells us to identify and contemplate what you feel is missing or just not right. Because that gut feeling is not wrong, you need to find that 10th cup. The challenge is do it without losing sight of the nine cups you have already acquired.

Taurus– Ace of Pentacles- And the trend continues. So Taurus if you haven’t change or created something new in your life you have another week  Ace of Pentacles means create something new. It may not be perfect but you will learn from everything you make this week.
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Tarotcast- November 1, 2015

Happy All Hallows Day. Magical Tip: Today is a great day to clean your altars and your divining tools. Here are your cards for the week of November 1st. Remember signs that have * , it’s a big week for you.

Aries- Ace of Pentacles- Last week The World card provided some new opportunities for you. This week you are continuing the trend with the Ace of Pentacles which represents new beginnings on the material plane. So any opportunities you had last week now is the time to act on them. It is also a great time to start new projects, make money, or physical move your environment around (which can mean just rearranging a room or two). Anything you start this week will bloom in the future for you.

*Taurus- Wheel of Fortune- Another big week for you all. Last week I hope you made time and space for your growth spurt with the Sun card. This week the Wheel provides you opportunities to change the course of your life. That means you need to dream big and act on that dream. So send out resumes, meet new people, and spend time dreaming. You never know what information, leads or opportunities the wheel will give you. But here’s the rub be careful what you wish for (think genie in the bottle scenarios that have gone wrong). So you need to be as detailed and exact as you can get with your wishes.
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