Quick Draw – One Card Reading – $5


This is a cool fast one card reading for those times when you need just a little guidance or a quick check in .  It is my quick and to the point reading.

Your question should be framed as a yes or no question that is precise like “Should I move to New York in a month?” or “What is the most important thing I should know about this situation?”. It can only be about one thing! I will email a very brief answer. (That’s why it’s only $5). If it is more complex – like you want to know why -See my other readings  or get one of my general half an hour reading where you can ask more questions.

What I need from you: After you have purchased your tarot reading Please email me at nina@thefoxandthetarot.com
with your name, email address, and your question (see instructions for questions in reading description).

What you get from me: I will email you back a answer within 24 hours. I am usually pretty fast in my reply, but because of time differences and life, I like to have the flexibility of 24hrs.

* Please check your spam folders just in case my email gets funneled there by mistake.*

intentions are the children of desire and the grandparents of destiny

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