Astrological Tarot Reading


This is my most popular reading.  The Astrological Tarot Reading is a twelve card tarot spread that gives a thorough representation of the influences in your life with in a 3 to 12 month time period.  Each card represents different parts of your life like: love, health, wealth,  where you are personally, what you need to do to make things happen, how you trip yourself up, etc…

I recommend this reading for New Years, major transitions and birthdays.

This tarot spread does not correlate with astrological readings in your life, but the layout does have “houses” and gives me an idea of what part of your life we are reading about. This reading takes about hour depending on your questions around the reading.

Also, don’t forget to look at the subscriptions options of the Astrological Reading with the companion Planetary Tarot Reading.

Astrological Tarot Reading

intentions are the children of desire and the grandparents of destiny

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