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Image credits: Francisco Mingorance

Family Canidae Genus Vulpes  Species: Arctic, Bengal, Blanford’s , Cape, Corsac , Fennec , Kit, Pale, Rüppell’s,  Red,  Swift,  and Tibetan sand fox

Foxes are on every continent except Antarctica. Because of their wide distribution there are fox stories all over the world. The characteristics of what gets you into the fox Genus is a triangular face with and elongated nose, pointed ears, partially retractable claws and a bushy tail. They are all omnivores though one eats only crabs, and one of the gray fox can even climb trees for eggs and birds.

People have been trying to domesticate foxes for centuries. The longest running research on evolution is a Russian experiment that tried to domesticate the wolf. The Russians have been breeding the silver morph of the red fox selecting the tamer foxes. They found that within 10 years they were already seeing both physical and behavioral shifts in the breeding population. The interesting thing is that with a tamer personality the foxes are also showing the physical characteristics of floppy ears and curly tails. See article and video: National Geographic taming-wild-animals genetically taming wild foxes

The saying “sour grapes” comes from the Aesop fable of The fox and the grapes.  It is a simple tale.  The fox can not  reach the grapes.   Rather then admit defeat, he declares “they must be undesirable. “

Almost all cultures have foxes in their folklore they be a cunning trickster, warrior, messenger from the gods, and  goddess.

Kitsune is the word for fox in Japan.  Their myths of foxes are the ones I love the best.  The kitsune are magical intelligent creatures.  As they age and gain wisdom they grow more tails.     The nine tailed fox is the wisest of them all.

In ancient Japan they were considered the messengers of he gods and goddesses.  Because of their potential power and mystic they were often given offerings as one would a deity.

There are two kind of kitsune the zenko (good fox)who are benevolent, celestial foxes associated with Inari, or the yako (field foxes)  who tend to be mischievous or even malicious.

intentions are the children of desire and the grandparents of destiny

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