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Horse and rider

I have always loved and acknowledged the amazing relationship of a horse and their rider/companion. There are not many animals that allow another species to ride on their backs or vice versa. I believe this creates a sense of deep trust and feelings that few species of animals have for each other. So I created a horse and companion reading to help the rider understand and deepen their relationship further. This reading is set up to take a look at your horse, you and your relationship.

What I need from you:

After you have order your reading, please contact me with your name, email address , phone number, and three times you are available within a week. These readings take about 20-30 minutes. I am on the east coast of the US, so please take that in consideration.

After I have received your convo, we will schedule an appointment . I can send you a picture of your reading after our conversation.

Horse Reading

You can read about my Horse readings by clicking to this article by


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