Tarotcast for Week of January 7, 2018

This time of year in the northern hemisphere objects cast long shadows.  The piece above is by Lordes Castro who worked with variations of shadow representation for the next 3 decades.  She started off as a painter, but in the early 1960’s she joined up with a group called the Nouveaux Realistes.  Then began to work with shadows.  She used light sensitive silk screen to capture people, worked with layering acrylic cutouts of shadows to make the shadow 3-d, and light sensitive prints of plants shadows to represent our memories, and also shadow theater.

Shadows have always fascinated us.  As a kid we investigate our shadow by playing with it, trying to run away from it, waving at it, and like the above photo trying to separate ourselves from it.  As adults we do all these things still though metaphorically or through psycho-chat of working with the shadow self.  We continue to run from it, play with it and try to disconnect from it.  When our “shadow” is part of us too intertwined to be seen as something so two dimension as what is cast upon the ground.

PS.  Remember those signs with an *, it is a big week for you.  Also  this is a perfect time of the year for your Astrological Tarot Reading.

Aries – King of Cups

They say that boys don’t cry, but this card wants you to get in touch and express your emotions this week.  You might think being a King means to rule over your emotions with a tight fist.  However, this King says you find more strength and courage by being friends with your feelings.

*Taurus – Empress

The Empress is the card of Gaia, the supreme mother and creation.  I know we are in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere and creation seems buried in the snow, but in the southern hemisphere it is in the middle of fertile season.  The Empress embodies this flow where there is death she balances it with life.  The Empress’ challenge is to look at this week’s events and see the death in life and the life in death.  It takes both to create growth.

Gemini – Page of Swords

The Page of Swords advises you do more investigating before making any decisions this week.  The Page of Swords challenges you to dig deeper, for the solution of the problem is out there.  It is just hidden and not in the obvious places.


Cancer – Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles challenges us when times are rough to ask for help.  This week help is just around the corner.  You  just need to walk a few more steps to see it.

Leo – Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords challenge is what binds you.  Last week the tarotcast asked you to leave behind your obstacles.  Thinking that you have to settle for “what is” is part of your challenge. Remember change can as easily begin with a thought as an action..

Virgo – Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles is the card of the student.  This week you need to put on your observation goggles and hearing aids to aid you in finding what is lacking or needed.   There are new skills for you to learn so you can solve a question or two with more ease.

Libra – Six of Wands

If it hasn’t recently happened already, you will win a victory this week., so take time to rest on your laurels at the beginning of the week.  Then by the end, your challenge will be to take stock of what you have and restock if necessary, for there is another skirmish around the corner.

Scorpio – King of Wands

This week take control of your surroundings.  King of Wands challenges you to rule your environment and deal with the people with justice and integrity.  This is a test whether you are ready to handle more power.

Sagittarius – Eight of Wands

Lots of information coming at you this week.  Your challenge is to sift through it and pick out the bits that are useful.  An exercise to make this easier is set an intention and use only the information that pertains to it.  Motto: One intention at a time.

Capricorn – Four of Wands

Time to work on or in your home.  The challenge this week is to stoke the fires of your hearth and heart.  Your goal is to daydream, create and get comfy in your home. If you can’t to make your home a place where you can reconnect to yourself with ease, then find a substitute structure whether that is your car, a cafe or the park.

*Aquarius – Strength

The Strength card advises you to look within, see your strength then strengthen your sense of self.  This challenge can look as simple as doing a contemplative exercise like yoga that also works your core, or as complex as writing a list of your accomplishments.  As the film director and producer Billy Wilder said “You are as good as the best thing you have done.”

Pisces – Five of Swords

There will be chaos this week that will be hard to avoid.  The Five of Swords advises the best thing is to stay out of it as long as you can, realize most of it is due to outside influences, and observe before stepping into it.  This is like playing Double Dutch with five jump-ropes instead of two.


May light be on you, around you, and within you,