Tarotcast for week of July 3, 2016

cancer crab

Happy Birthday month, Cancers! The New Moon tomorrow is in Cancer, and one thing it represents is reminiscing about the past. I have had this poster on my wall since I was 11 or 12 and never knew who the painter was until now.  Johfra Bosschart was the painter (15 December 1919 – 6 November 1998). Johfra described his work as “Surrealism based on studies of psychology, religion, the Bible, astrology, antiquity, magic, witchcraft, mythology, and occultism.”

As I reflect 40 years later, I see how this poster was one of the representations of my love for mythology, astrology, and religion, and how that love has molded parts of my life. I find it amazing that as children, before we have experienced a lot of life, we are already drawn to strong threads of our fate/lives/genes. So for this week I ask you – what art/music/ideas/things represented you the most as child? Does it still resonate in your life?

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you. And for fun I have attached the other paintings of Johfra’s to your sign.

Aries – Ace of Wands – So the worries of last week are subsiding and you are seeing a bit of light this week. Be open to new ideas and creative urges. It makes sense because Mars (your ruling planet) is on the move forward again. This means anything that has been stalled the past month will begin moving again.  Take advantage of this surge in energy. Aries

*Taurus – Judgement and Five of Wands – This week you all got two cards. The Judgement card is all about seeing the gray areas of your life and accepting them as complex and uncertain. This is not a place that you all like. You like things simple and black and white, even though you are wise enough to know that things are rarely that. And then you have the Five of Wands which means low level chaos to add to the Judgement card. So this week your challenge is to really get into your Zen spot (grounded and non-judgmental) and let the chaos glide over you. If you need to interact with the chaos be playful and try not to take it too seriously. Taurus

Gemini – Ace of Wands – Well the last two weeks you have done some important soul work- keeping focused on your goal and finding what you need and what fits well in your life. With this new outlook the week should be a breeze. The Ace of Wands challenges you to be open and grasp on to new ideas and opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere. This is a great week to gather the things you found you need the last two weeks. Gemini

Cancer – Six of Swords – So it is your birthday month and Six of Swords suggested if you can get away for a bit this would be a great week to do it. And if you can get yourself in some water even better. You need a little retreat to get away from it all.  Take some time for healing/restoring, and let your mind gain a bit of distance from your everyday life. You will come back feeling lighter. Cancer

*Leo – Hermit – Ok, this is a big wind down to your birthday month. Three big cards in a row. Now you have learned a bit about letting go of things you can’t control, The Hermit shows up to say now that your mind is a bit quieter. It has something to say. And you would love to get some solitude to do listen. That is the a lesson with Hermit – how to find solitude with all that is going on in your life. The simplest way this looks is seeing the solo time you already have and use that to hear yourself think. In “everyday land” this can be the time you drive to work don’t put on the radio, take a bath in silence, or if you have to hide in your closet  (I promise the house won’t burn down). Just be still for 5 minutes and listen. Leo

**Virgo – Strength and Death – Wow, this hasn’t happened yet. Two big cards at the same time. So here is how this week will play out for you all. For you all born August 22- Sept 5, this week is going to ask a lot from you and you are going to need to bolster up as much strength as you can muster to create some change in your life. For those born Sep 6- 22, this is the beginning of a major change in your life that is going to create some strength you need. This makes a lot of sense since Jupiter the planet of expansion is in your sign until September 9th. So if you all want some change to happen and you want to be in control of it, this is the week to get it started. Virgo

Libra – Ace of Cups – Last week The Sun asks you to be open and honest with your true feelings and thoughts. This week the Ace of Cups continues that theme, and because you did so well last week this has brought some clarity to your relationship(s). And this clarity has “cleaned the slate” so you can move your relationship to a brighter path.   Libra

Scorpio – Seven of Cups – The last two weeks you had your nose to the grindstone and then your mind full of new knowledge. This week is is time to relax a bit and let your mind dream. You need to ease back so your imagination/unconscious can do some of the work. The challenge is letting your mind wander and stop controlling it to stay on “the path.” Your field of dreams has some information for you to harvest. Scorpio

*Sagittarius – Justice – Remember last week I told you to hold off any decision and clear your desk? I hope so because Justice is here to give you the go ahead. Here is the challenge. If you did not spend last week to plan, rework, tie up loses ends, then it is going to be harder to make a smart decision. So take the time the first half of the week getting your ducks in a row and postpone the decision until then. If you did clear your decks last week, then I see nothing but smooth sailing. Sagittarius

Capricorn –Six of Wands – Ha-ha, so you all get the Six of Wands again this week. Guess you didn’t have enough time to get all the little details done. You have another week to get more of the little things off your list. Just remember to have a plan, make short trips or cut the job into smaller bits and stay focused.    Capricorn

Aquarius – Ace of Swords – So that information you learned last week, this week you will need to glean what is useful. This week new information will be arriving to add to last week’s knowledge, and you will see the pieces starting to fall together. Aquarius

Pisces – Queen of Cups – This week Queen of Cups is here to ask you to take care of yourself. She hopes that you will do that with some laughter, friends and family. The Queen’s challenge is to find the joy in your life. Which this week will come in the form of people and cool libations.  (For you non-drinkers make it ice cream and for you non-drinkers, no diary make it almond/coconut ice cream.) Pisces

May light be on you, light around you, and light within you,