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A movement started in the UK when Brexit happened. People started to wear safety pins to show their solidarity with refuges and immigrants.   The safety-pin has now moved across the big pond.  People in the United States are starting to wear them to show their solidarity to minorities and stand up for human rights.  Wearing a safety pin is a pledge that we, as humans and no matter what political affiliation, will not allow people to be verbally or physically abused.  That we will not allow bigotry, sexism, genderism, or racism rise up in our country. We will literally stand next to anyone to make sure they are not harmed.

This is not a political statement.  This is a humanitarian statement.

No matter your sex, gender identification, skin color, or where you are born, we will not let you stand alone!

Things you can do:

  • Wear a safety-pin and carry extras so you can give it out to people that ask you about it.
  • Literally stand by the person being violated. How to help someone being verbally insulted
  • Change your avatar to a safety-pin.
  • Take selfies of you and your pin and post up social media.
  • Document injustice when you see it- use your camera and social media to get the word out.
  • A few of my artist friends, Steve Rein and Josée Fonseca, have created some images you can download (see below)  for free to spread the word. You can download either a safety pin stencil and use it to create t-shirts or be creative. You can download the smaller safety-pin to make stickers.
  • Spread the word.  There is safety in numbers.

Articles about this movement:

Thank you to Josée and Steve for the artwork

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