Which One am I Going to Pick?

Which One Am I Going to Pick Reading- for advice on a specific question with two choices $30

This Six Card Reading is a tarot spread that is good for advice around a particular question that has two components in your life. For example, I recommend this reading to people when they are figuring out where to move between two locations, a choice between two jobs, two ideas or two people.

What I need from you:

After you have purchased your tarot reading Please email me at nina@thefoxandthetarot.com
with your name, email address, and your question and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

How to form your questions:  Your question should be specific enough that the two choices are clear.  For romance an example would be “Who would be my best choice as a partner for life, Tom or Harry?  Or trying to decide where to move:  Which place Dallas or San Diego would be a  better move for my career?

The two specific things I need to know are what, who or where are the two choices (Tom or Harry) and what are looking to gain(life partner).  Don’t worry of you don’t get the question right send me something and we will go from there.

* Please check your spam folder if you do not hear from me.*


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