Tarotcast for Week of August 27, 2017

Andreas Gursky uses large format photography and a higher point of view to capture our environments giving us a different perspective than where we normally journey. His architectural photos show how we try to order and create symmetry in our world. But even in his subjects where we think we would find randomness, by pulling us back to a wider perspective, our eyes and minds try to find order to our chaotic world.

The smaller format below does not do Gursky’s work justice, so I suggest you go to his website.

P.S. Remember, signs with * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Eight of Pentacles – Back to a regular work week with the Eight of Pentacles. This card advises you to focus on work. If you do, you will find yourself in the flow more often than not. Your challenge is improve your skills and center your attention to master your work.

Taurus – Ten of Wands – The Ten of Wands’ lesson is about putting too much on your plate. This week your challenge is to drop or at the very least put on the backburner one project. You have too many things to do and are feeling overwhelmed. And of course with your Taurus work ethic, you can do it all, but is that how you want your everyday life to look like?

Gemini – Eight of Cups – This week it is time to clean house literally and figuratively. The Eight of Cups means you have too much useless emotional stuff around you. Your challenge is to downsize the emotional and physical crap you are carrying..

Cancer – Ace of Wands – The focus this week is on spiritual and creative endeavors. There are some positive seeds that need to be planted. The Ace of Wands is challenging you to create something new and/or spend time attuning to your higher self.

Leo – Two of Swords – The Two of Swords challenges you to make a choice. When this card shows up you are stopping yourself with indecision. This card indicates that the act of making a decision is more important than actually decision made. This decision making will get you to fortify your belief in your gut. You then realize that just making a choice creates positive movement in your life.

Virgo – Eight of Swords – The Eight of Swords’ challenge is recognizing where your thoughts bind you. This week your best bet is to spend time with your thoughts. You have realized that they are not going to leave, so you might as well find a way to make friends with them. Or as a friend of mine says, put them in the back seat where they cannot play with the radio.

*Libra – Hangman – The Hangman foretells of delays and stagnation this week. Your challenge with these delays is to let them happen and not to push things through. This is a week to letting go of control and learning some patience. This can look as simple as managing your road rage in traffic or as complex as letting someone make their own mistakes.

Scorpio – Queen of Swords – The Queen of Swords indicates you are going to need your wits about you. The best way to come at this week is to look at it like a puzzle, maze or untangling necklaces. Your challenge is to keep your cool and think things through before making a move, and then try again until you get find a solution.

*Sagittarius – Magician – The Magician advises you to hone your skills/tools. Your skills are physical skills, your knowledge, and most importantly the use your imagination. Your challenge is to combine your tools to create. This is a great week to start big projects.

Capricorn – Ace of Swords – The Ace of Swords advises you that this week it is great time to make a focused decision and tryout new ways of communicating. Your challenge with this card is the decision or communication should incorporate short term goals with a long view in sight and with insight.

Aquarius – Nine of Cups – The Nine of Cups is a card of gratitude and yet also has a sense of loss. This week, though there are things to feel grateful for, you are focusing on what is missing in your life. The challenge is to stay in the present moment to feel grateful for all that you have. Remember to keep sane – strive for continuous improvement instead of chasing perfection.

Pisces – Two of Swords – The Two of Swords asks you, where are you staled in making decisions? With this card you are likely seeing this choice as a harder decision then it actually is. The challenge is the simplification of information. Hint: this can be obtained with internal(pros and cons) or external ( facts and figures) info.

May light be on you, around you, and within you,