Tarotcast for week of October, 30 2016



Halloween’s origin  is based from the Celtic festival of Samhain. Samhain marks the end of harvest and the beginning of winter. The Celts believe that Samhain is a time when the boundaries between worlds can be crossed. A time when the Aos Si (fairies) and the dead can come to visit our world. The spirits are offered food and drink to honor them and hopefully in return they will help people get through the winter. So the Celts, especially their children, would disguise themselves to mix in with the fairy folk that roamed the earth during this day long festival.

This tradition is very useful for all of us, not only to honor the dead and nature spirits, but to investigate ourselves. The aspects that we don’t let society see or that we wished that we could try on just for a night. So I have added some ideas/personas for you to try out on Halloween based on your tarot card. Even if you don’t get dressed up, pretend to be that person for just an hour and see how that character could expand your own.

P.S. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Five of Pentacles – This week the Five of Pentacles’ challenge to you is to understand how to deal with limited resources.   Remember that resources and time ebb and flow like the tide. So, how do spend your time or resources when you find you don’t have a lot of either? Halloween Costume/Past Life- zombie or Hobo

*Taurus – Star – Hopefully, last week you made sure you are still on your desired path . If you are, then you just needed to check your supplies. If your path has changed, then you needed to ask – Am I going in a new direction, is this a detour, or am I lost? And if you didn’t do  last week’s check in, spend the first half of the week catching up. Because the Star is challenge you to now walk forward into your future with more energy and a new sense of hope. Halloween Costume/Past Life- Astronomer or Alien
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Tarotcast week Of October 23, 2016




Happy Birthday Month Scorpios.

It is Sylvia Plath’s birthday this week, October 27.   She was part of the confessional poetry genre of the 1940-1960s. Also, she is a good representation of what Scorpios can be. Scorpios, in general, are very passionate people who push the boundaries of themselves and conventions of society. In their evolution, they help us to evolve. So to honor all Scorpios and Ms. Plath I am going to challenge you to stretch your comfort zone with an exercise.

A friend of mine is a brilliant and imaginative person, poet and teacher of poetry at university. (If you want to look her up- Marci Nelligan – Infinite Variations.) She gave out a fun, intriguing, and enlightening assignment in her poetry class. She sent her students a series of emojis to translate into their own poems. So in honor of Sylvia Plath and fun loving – boundary pushing Scorpios, I am challenge you to write your own poem from the emojis above. There are of course no rules – though everyone should have a “safe word” ;).

P.S. S. I have added some of Sylvia Plath’s poetry for each sign. Remember, when signs have * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Eight of Wands – This is the second wand card in a row. So, let’s just step back and talk about wands as a suit. Wands are cards of spiritual growth. Last week, your growth was learning where the birthplace of chaos lies in your life. If you did your soul-work, you have gained the skill of untangling this chaos. This week will bring another onslaught of information but now you have the skill to discern what information is actually yours. Your challenge will now be prioritizing what to do with all this information. This can literally and metaphorically mean, it’s a great week to clean out and organize your inbox.  Purdah

Taurus – Two of Wands – Last week, your goal was to enjoy being in your skin. Now the Two of Wands has shown up at the beginning of the second half of your birth year. Yep, it has been six months for you all, and the Two of Wands is asking you – Are you where you want to be and doing what you wanted to do this year? Spend this week reflecting and evaluating your life and work. This is a week to make sure you are still on your desired path . If you are, then you just need to check your supplies. If it has changed, then you need to ask – Am I going in a new direction, is this a detour, or am I lost? Blackberrying
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Tarotcast week of October 16, 2016


One of my top ten exhibits at a museum, aquarium, or zoo is the jellyfish exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium. If you can’t go, they have live web-cams of the jellies.  Jellyfish are carnivorous Medusa forms making up the major part of the phylum Cnidaria. Jellies pulsate their bell shape to move around and use their stinging tentacles to capture prey. Their body diameter ranges from one millimeter to 2 meters (6.6ft) not including tentacles. The longest jelly is the Lion’s Mane with tentacle length that can get to 120ft. The heaviest is Nomura’s jelly. It can weigh up to 400 lbs.

Jellyfish are found in every ocean from the top to the bottom. They have traversed the seas for at least 500-700 million years making them the oldest multi-organ animal. Jellies are a huge part of the oceans food chain from the variety of animals that eat them and scavenge their carcasses on the “deep ocean” floor. They also are a primary food source for 3 species of turtles.

This is one of the problems with plastic bags. The majority of plastic bags are petroleum based and do not biodegrade and many end up in the world’s oceans. Leatherback turtles, who feed mostly on jellies, think plastic bags are their prey. When they ingest them, the bags cause blockage in their digestive system and eventual death. According to the US EPA, Americans use more than 380 billion plastic bags each year. That’s 38 percent of the worldwide number, one trillion, produced. It takes 32 million barrels of oil to produce this many bags each year. And scientist are starting to find plastic in the fish we eat. So when you are given the choice of paper or plastic, spend the money and buy one of the reusable bags that are at every store. It saves trees, oil, the turtles and possible us.

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Aries – Five of Wands – Last week I hope you had time to “lighten your load,” because chaos returns this week. In the Dali deck, butterflies symbolize illusion. And the Five of Wands has butterflies all over it. Five of Wands means that the chaos you feel is not real or not yours; therefore, you have the power to release disorder from your life this week. When you start to feel chaotic, your challenge is look for the source of that feeling. Ask questions like: Is it someone else’s chaos that you are allowing in? Is the chaos not really that big of a thing, but you are tired and can’t handle it right now? Are you feeling guilt for not wanting to do it? Once you find the source you can detangle yourself from there.

11419001_948642098491205_1357088590_n*Taurus – The Fool – Last week you got the Eight of Pentacles telling you to “get into the zone” because that is the birth place of your epiphanies. The Fool is the big brother to last week’s card. The Fool’s lesson is about being in the moment with ease. And for earthy Taurus, this is best done while “doing.” This week your challenge is to practice your mindfulness in your daily life and to loosen up. For your mindfulness exercise it can be as simple as mindfully rake up leaves, washing dishes or cutting your vegetables for diner. For exercises in loosening up, you can do silly walks in your hallway, make funny faces at yourself in the mirror, or wiggle your body for 30 seconds while saying “milk” over and over. Your goal is to find yourself becoming aware and enjoy being in your skin.
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Tarotcast for week of October 9, 2016


Above is an image from the series Tema e Variazioni by Piero Fornasetti (10 November 1913 – 9 October 1988). He created over 500 items using just the face of Lina Cavalieri.  She was an operatic soprano in the late 1800s. Piero found her image in a magazine to use in his art. When he was asked why he made so many art pieces of her, he replied, “I don’t know. I began to make them and never stopped.”

I think that I have a similar study of my cat. After cleaning up my hard drive last week – cleaning out duplicate and blurry photos – I found I have 98 distinct pictures of my cat. They vary only in my cat lying down, sitting by the window, or curled up in a chair to the left or to the right. So why keep them? Well, each picture was slightly different in the way his head was turned or how his paw was just so over his face. I love my cat and each picture represented a bit of what he is as a whole being.

I believe that this is a lesson in the many faces of existence. Maybe we all need to turn a more discerning and inquisitive eye when someone whips out 20 photos of their pet or child. Instead of seeing these photos as boring or obsessive, to see these images as an expression of the many facets of life and love that one person sees in another being.

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plate-tema-e-variazioni-082Aries – Eight of Cups – This week the Eight of Cups’ lesson is about lightening your load. This is a great week to clean your closet, do paperwork, clean off that desk, and clean out your email boxes. Or, if you want to do some heavy lifting, re-evaluate the emotional baggage you are carrying. The Eight of Cups asks: Do you really want to carry around and keep opening the “junk or hate mail”?

fornasetti_piatto_bigTaurus – Eight of Pentacles – The Eight of Pentacles continues the message of work and contemplation for this week. So you can still ponder where or what do you want to be/do by 2018. But here is the twist – to this reflection in the most beneficial way – you need to get some alone time and keep your hands busy. It’s that “getting into the zone” that really is the birth place of your epiphanies.
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Tarotcast week of October 2, 2016

tumblr_o19kf0dpp61sn75h6o1_540Hi all you lovely people.

Well, it has been a year since I started writing this foxy blog adventure. We are in Libra the sign of relationships, so I want to thank some key people who helped this “kit” grow. First and foremost, I want to take a very grateful moment to thank all of you for reading my tarotcast, giving me input all along the way, and sharing it. Without you all reading it- well, why would I write it.

Next is  Daryl- honey, thank you for all your support and believing in me. You have giving me the time and the space to do this work. Thirdly, my editors Elise and Bobby Ruth for giving me your time on the weekends. Last but not least, I want to thank Amber, Anna, Kerrie, Niki, and Thanna for being my cheerleaders, Kaylynn and Michelle for being my number one sharers, and Jennifer for liking every single one of my posts.

I have decided to continue to do this for another year and see if I can get to my goal of 500 people or more engaging and reading my posts. So far, I am up to 200 between Facebook and web subscribers because you all are sharing my tarotcasts. I am now on Instagram, Pinterest (Nina Fox Baldwin), and Twitter(thefoxandthetarot) too. I hope you enjoy reading this outpouring as much as I like providing it for you! May light be on you, light around you, and light within you!

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baby-2-foxesAries – Two of Cups – Whew, you can now take a breath from your five weeks of “big work”. So let’s just review what you all have accomplished – you have tried out new experiences, made small changes, had some amazing epiphanies, Created, and Conjured. Now it is time to use this wonderful new moon energy in Libra to relax and re-connect with your partner.   And if you don’t have a partner, this is a great week to put yourself out there. Love is in the air.

work-and-playTaurus – Nine of Pentacles – The Nine of Pentacles continues the message of balancing your work and play.   Hello Libra balancing the scales. However, the Knight last week warned you to watch lowering your energy because it could take you off course. This week the Nine of Pentacles wants you to do a bit more contemplating. The planets are helping this contemplation for the next three months by asking – where or what do you want to be/do by 2018.
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