Tarotcast week of December 27, 2016

Happy Julian/Gregorian Calendar New Year week everyone! I find the history of recording time fascinating. Throughout time we as humans have tried to come up with ways to standardize it. Our western calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 to help fix Easter’s drift in the Julian calendar with its correlation to the Spring Equinox. Another fun fact is that the last European country to adopt the Gregorian calendar was Greece in 1923. That took 341 years. [more or less ;)] for the western countries to get on the same page. I find that the Islamic calendar much more intuitive since it’s lunar based, and I find day light savings time irritating antiquated. But the thing I love is that recording time is still a manner of perspective.

P.S.   Remember signs that have * it’s a big week for you.

*Aries – The Tower- So the beginning and end of your year starts with The Tower. If there was ever a time when the Tower is appropriately timed is during the week of the New Year. The Tower’s lesson is the foundations of your life, morals, are in good shape but you need to tear down the old structures that are not working for you. So this week spend some time looking at what old habits are just not working anymore and make some new year resolutions to create some new structures in your life.

Taurus – Nine of Pentacles- This week the Nine of pentacles recommends for you to spend some time alone. If you can get just an hour or two off by yourself, you will find that this will not only reset your mind from the holidays but give you some insight into your new year goals.

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Tarotcast week of December 20, 2015

tarotcast winter solstice
Happy Solstice week everyone! For me, spiritually, this is my favorite time of the year. I love the Solstices because it is the time of the year where everyone around the world is celebrating something. For the northern half of Earth it is our shortest day/longest night (Winter Solstice), and then in the Southern hemisphere it is longest day/shortest night (Summer Solstice). An then in 6 months we switch roles. I love the yin yang of it. I feel like celestially this is a time when the Earth as a whole is at the foci of balance between light and dark. Twice a year we get a celestial reset button for our planet and it’s inhabitants.

PS. For fun I have recommended some Xmas movies that relate to your card. Remember signs that have * it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Four of Pentacles- The holidays can have a feeling that you don’t have enough time, energy or money. Well in some case this is very true. So your challenge is to ask: The reality of “not enough” is it your expectation that is driving that feeling, do you actually have control over that change or should you even change it? Xmas movie recommendation: It’s a Wonderful Life

Taurus – Page of Cups – I hope last week with the Star you found some enlightenment. This week the page of cups challenges you to have fun by finding or re-lighting the joy of your inner child. And this is such a great week to do it with all the childhood wonder that abounds this time of year. Xmas movie recommendation: Miracle on 34th Street
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Tarotcast week of December 13, 2015


Get out your wishes because tonight and tomorrow is the Geminid meteor shower. It peaks tomorrow at 1-2 am. This starry display promises a slow (78,000mph) and steady light show-no telescope necessary. This meteor shower gets its name from where the streaks seem to originate in the Gemini Twins constellation. However, they are suspected to come from the debris of asteroid- 3200 Phaethon. Hope you have a great night of wishing on “falling stars” even though they are bits and pieces of orbiting comets or asteroids- Still cool!
I have added some wish ponderings/ideas for wish making that are relevant to your card at the end of each sign. Also be specific with your wishes. Remember signs that have * , it’s a big week for you.

Aries – Eight of Swords- Did you follow your intuition(star) last week instead of trying to make things happen? The Star card from last week is a big lesson card so I can see how the challenge to control everything is lingering in your tarotcast. This week your challenge is to not let your thoughts bind and limit you. The best way to learn from the eight of swords is to hone your intuition skills and follow those hints instead of logic and your head. Wish ponderings/ideas: What bad habitats do you want to get rid of?

*Taurus – The Star- The Hangman last week hopefully worked on your skills in patience and to appreciate being in the moment. The Star will start things moving again this week and definitely take advantage of the meteor shower wishing! The Star is all about the enlightenment that lights the way to a better future. Spend this week partaking in the things that inspire you and others. I will leave you to ponder one of my favorite quotes: There are two ways to spread the light. Be the light or be the mirror that reflects it. Wish ponderings/ideas: Ask for things/hints that will (en)light(en) your best path.
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Tarotcast week of December 6, 2015

The new moon is on Friday, December 11 and is in Sagittarius. New moons are a great time to set intentions. And Sagittarian moons are a great time to focus on life goals and meanings, which I always find myself doing in December anyways. One great exercise is to create a list of your intentions every new moon. A couple of rules : First be specific of what you ask for. The adage “Be careful what you ask for- you might get it” rings true with this exercise. Second at the next new moon transfer the things you got to another list- don’t just cross them off, as the moon changes so do our intentions. So rewriting and adding to your list resets your intentions.
Remember signs that have * , it’s a big week for you.

*Aries- The Star- I hope last week you got a lot done with the Queen of Pentacles. This week the Star shines on you. This is a week when things run just a bit more smoothly. You find the parking spaces you need, you find things that you need more readily excisable, you find things that have been lost, you hear from people you have wanted to hear from, ideas form more easily, problems get solved faster etc…. Also, this is a card of enlightenment. So the environment has good advice out there for you. Look for the big ideas in the things that make you smile or think. The big challenge resonates again for you guys this week: can you let The Star lead you to where, when and who you should be instead of you trying to make things happen?

*Taurus- The Hanged Man- You got the Hangman this week. So be ready for things not getting totally done this week. There will be stalls and stagnation that are not under your control. But here is the beauty of the Hangman- if you do a 180 on how you view these challenges you will see they are actually gifts. For example, if you are stuck in traffic- you might have avoided being in an accident, or you notice that it is the first time you are actually alone in the car and you needed the space to think or you decide to take a longer route and find a perfect shop to stop in to wait it out and get half of your xmas shopping done etc….. The challenge for the Hangman is you are not looking at where you are at in the right way. The best way out of this situation is to sit back, reflect and see the new opportunities.
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